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Defining “Forward” — and helping you get there

TDECU — originally the Texas Dow Employees Credit Union — was founded more than six decades ago by a group of Dow employees in the company suburbs south of Houston. Today, it’s the largest credit union in Houston, with more than 300,000 members and ambitions for significant growth.

Collage of images with printed deliverables, as well as social media marketing assets for TDECU "My Forward" campaign

Adcetera worked with TDECU on a campaign — “What’s Your Forward?” — that builds on the optimism and spirit of service that set TDECU apart from its competitors, without neglecting the financial advantages that come with the credit union model. The campaign comprises a combination of above-the-line and below-the-line executions, with a graphic redesign that helps show the TDECU brand in a new light to a new audience.

TDECU Collage
Desktop mockup of TDECU promotional landing page Mockup of 4 banners for new campaign reading: 1. "Let's make your money do more." and 2. "Guaranteed returns. Easy investments." Mockup of new website landing page and a second version next to it.
Mockup of "Forward" campaign on a magazine spread showing a happy young woman
Mockup of future billboard with "Forward" campaign where it shows a young student with the following caption: "My Forward? Turning a vision into a career. #WhatsYourForward"