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Introducing Flip Gibson: The Motivationator™

A Legend in His Own Mind

Typical methods for communicating product information to channels sales reps in the tech industry are about as interesting as this first sentence. Think data sheets, lots of them. Our client needed more. They wanted to engage the audience. Entertain them, even. So we did more than deliver a campaign, we created a character—an over-the-top motivational speaker named Flip Gibson: The Motivationator™. The results, as Flip Gibson would say, have been Flip-tastic™ so far!

Flip Gibson: The Motivationator™ in action across websites, posters, brochures and more. The only thing more powerful than Flip Gibson’s Powerful Power-Selling Techniques is the impact he’s had on Kensington’s brand overall awareness.

His techniques may be questionable, his methods surreal. But the results are undeniable … Flip Gibson: The Motivationator™ is a big hit among channel sales reps! Not only has he won legions of new fans for himself (seen here posing with a life-sized cutout), he has also won many, many new fans for the Kensington brand. And that, as Flip Gibson would say, is what we call “grabbing the bear by the horns!”

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