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A peaceful place apart

Houston is renowned for the quality of cancer care available at institutions in the Medical Center. But medical care is only part of the story; cancer patients and their support networks have unique social, emotional, and physical needs.

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This insight drove the launch of Canopy, the Memorial Hermann Health System’s first-of-its-kind cancer survivorship center in the Greater Houston area. Memorial Hermann wanted to create a place that felt like a haven for those touched by cancer. To bring this vision to life, Adcetera created every aspect of the Canopy brand identity, from the name to the logo to the branding inside the facility. The experience was designed to inspire a sense of warmth and comfort that felt far away from the clinical hospital experience. As one guest describes it, “this is an answer to a prayer.” The brand’s multimedia launch built on a specific message: Canopy helps elevate life above the experience of cancer treatment.

Canopy, Elevating Life Above Cancer (hero image of logo on a watercolor background)