Analytics & Business Intelligence

We deliver real-time visibility through first-party data and advanced analytics to provide a holistic view of marketing influence that makes trusted data a decision-making asset.

Marketing Intelligence

We gather and analyze marketing data from digital platforms, ad channels, and offline advertising to enable accurate, confident ad-spend optimization and pacing while delivering actionable ROI insights.

Business Intelligence

We improve customer experience while generating competitive advantage by helping make business decisions driven by trusted data sourced from sales tools, CRM systems, supply chain, ERP, and other applications.

Predictive Intelligence

We empower future outcomes by applying statistical algorithms and machine learning models to performance insights, increasing the accuracy, quality, and transparency of data while generating better and faster business planning decisions.

BI Platform Selection

We help decipher data and make winning decisions utilizing supporting platforms such as Looker Data Studio, Power BI, Tableau, Domo, Qlik, and more.

Data Lake and Data Warehouse

We address the challenges of data onboarding, cost optimization, data protection, and data discovery through data lake selection and the identification of data sources, governance models, ETL methodology, maintenance, and quality control.

Campaign Tagging and Tracking

Improved campaign performance requires actionable insights into marketing performance. We support tracking setup and data visualization across ad channels (email, search, and social), digital platforms (Google, Bing, Meta, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), offline advertising efforts (billboards, radio ads, etc.), and business intelligence.