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Global reach, global impact

With more than a century of experience in engineering, procurement, and construction, KBR has long been known as a premier provider for energy and infrastructure. But recently the company has grown to be so much more — offering advanced and innovative technology solutions for a wide range of industries and customers in more than 80 countries.

The challenge

The company’s customer industry segments were changing, and so was its business. KBR needed help to communicate these changes to their clients, prospects, partners, and employees as well as the next generation of talented employees that would help ensure their future success. KBR set a goal of changing its brand, repositioning the company, and launching a new website all within the span of six months.

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KBR chose and then challenged Adcetera to help with the company’s evolution from an engineering and construction company to a technology solutions provider by designing and launching a best-in-class website to serve as the centerpiece for the company’s vast, public-facing touchpoints.


Adcetera worked quickly to meet a firm deadline for the project: In late April 2019, KBR reclassified as a technology company on the New York Stock Exchange, and the accompanying brand and website were needed to simultaneously launch to the world on May 3, 2019.

What Adcetera produced was much more than a new website. It was a digital experience platform that enhanced customer focus, enriched the brand experience for prospective clients and employees, and it laid the groundwork for delivering personalized content — all within one of the most technologically advanced websites in the world.

Customer-focused messaging and engagement

Offering one content model for a complex mix of services and solutions across multiple industries and countries would fail to drive satisfactory engagement with all visitors. To solve this, Adcetera developed a plan to study website analytics and user data as a basis for implementing 100% personalized content after the initial site launch. When fully deployed, this integrated capability will strengthen the brand and increase engagement by creating intuitive connections with visitors’ needs and interests, no matter their industry.

A customer-centric approach

The content structure and the brand voice on the previous KBR website did not match current practices at KBR, which presented a sizable communication challenge. Through detailed discovery, analysis, and strategy, KBR and Adcetera worked to develop a customer-centric approach — redesigning the information architecture and reshaping the brand voice on the website to better align with customer wants and needs. This led to improved usability and a solutions-based experience for every user.

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Future-forward, foundational technology

The new KBR website was created to be one of the most advanced and agile websites in the world — built on a platform to support personalized, scalable content that can also generate integrated marketing campaigns including email, social media, and text messages to individual website visitors.

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A superior brand story

Thoughtful presentation of the brand was especially important for KBR due to their need for constant recruitment of and communication with 37,500 company employees world-wide. KBR made it clear the new website should inspire and enhance feelings of pride, excellence and significance in showcasing the type of projects that its employees deliver. Adcetera accomplished this through all elements of the project including responsive UX design, video, photography, illustrations, and typography.

KBR website relaunch stats


Our combined efforts yielded significant traffic in the time since site launch, exceeding expectations and delivering unparalleled value to KBR. 22,000 visitors to the website on the first day of launch included industry investors, shareholders, customers, and employees from across the world — each one experiencing the new KBR through a new lens of curated content. A 20% increase in site visitors and 33% increase in page views after launch meant remarkable exposure and engagement — not only were 20% more people using the KBR website, they accessed 1/3 more website content during their visit. More than 260,000 user sessions are logged on the site per month, with an average of 9,000 visitors per day.

Metrics like these are only possible with true partnerships. Utilizing the open source platform Drupal and the enterprise digital experience toolsets from Acquia, KBR and Adcetera created a best-in-class digital experience that could only be accomplished by working together as one team.

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