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Your success is our success. Whether it’s providing our clients with insights, strategies, or creative solutions, we exist to deliver measurable and sustainable results for ambitious brands. Our agency guides inspiration, and our work guides innovation as we continually seek new and better ways to serve our clients.

Who we are

Adcetera is a full-service digital marketing, advertising, and creative agency specializing in omnichannel content development and digital media. We are an independent, WBENC-certified, HUB-certified, woman-owned agency with 40 years of experience in executing B2B and B2C solutions tailored for diverse objectives.

What we do

We deliver outstanding strategy, customer experience, creative, digital marketing, and media that ensure brands succeed with their customers. Our award-winning team applies unique combinations of creative services and marketing intelligence to create meaningful partnerships with brands, helping you build relationships with your customers and measurably improve your value.

How we lead

Our leadership is built from multifaceted, deeply knowledgeable individuals with diverse experiences across businesses and industries. Our dedication and passion take us to where others in our industry haven’t been — or haven’t dared to go. Meet our leaders and see how we’re advancing Adcetera and our clients to what’s next.

Kristy Sexton, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Kristy Sexton, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Kristy Sexton

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Kristy is the founder, heart, and soul of Adcetera. Year after year through four decades, her creative vision and guiding hand have led the agency to new heights of excellence, building what is now the largest and longest-running independent creative services provider in Houston. Her direction and mentorship have produced countless successful ad campaigns and charity initiatives, winning awards and international recognition. When she’s not leading the charge for our creative teams, Kristy enjoys working on her farm with her children and grandchildren.



Pagogh Cho, Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer Pagogh Cho, Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer
Pagogh Cho

Chief Strategy Officer

Pagogh’s role at Adcetera is part brand empath, part agency catalyst. His background in product marketing, digital transformation, and sales enablement for manufacturing and technology companies provides valuable perspective when curating effective solutions for the agency and our clients. As Chief Strategy Officer, he leads strategic, critical, and divergent thinking engagements for brands ranging in scale from local startups to global enterprises. On and off the job, Pagogh obsessively pulls things apart — sometimes literally — to discover how and why they work.



Rowan Gearon, Chief Creative Officer Rowan Gearon, Chief Creative Officer
Rowan Gearon

Chief Creative Officer

Rowan’s creative experience reaches across three continents and three decades. He leads and inspires Adcetera’s creative teams, bringing wild ideas to life for the success of our clients and our agency. He is passionate about the intersection of art and technology, and relentless in his pursuit of perfecting creative operations. Rowan spends his spare time playing guitars and drums and encouraging his two young kids to rock out. After 18 years at Adcetera, Rowan still spells color with a “u” whenever he can get away with it.



Michael Burnett, Chief Strategy Officer Michael Burnett, Chief Strategy Officer
Michael Burnett

Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer

Michael has over three decades of advertising and marketing experience, including two decades on the leadership team at Adcetera, where he’s responsible for planning, developing, and implementing communications that influence our business strategy, client relationships, and agency growth. His broad expertise and familiarity with agency operations make him uniquely qualified to coordinate the activities of our extraordinarily diverse talent pool. When he’s not busy masterminding the agency’s future, Michael enjoys preparing and sharing gourmet meals and traveling with his wife and son.



Susie Cavazos, Chief Revenue Officer Susie Cavazos, Chief Revenue Officer
Susie Cavazos

Chief Revenue Officer

Susie has been driving Adcetera’s business development efforts for nearly 25 years, nurturing durable client relationships founded on a thorough understanding of their industry and total commitment to their success. Her sales and marketing expertise, energy, and enthusiasm have built personal and professional partnerships that span decades. Susie recharges by taking skiing trips and other adventure vacations with her husband and three sons.



 John Sexton, Chief Operating Officer & Financial Officer  John Sexton, Chief Operating Officer & Financial Officer
John Sexton

Chief Operating Officer

John currently serves in a dual role as the agency’s Chief Operating and Chief Financial Officer. His extensive financial, digital consulting, and marketing experience makes him uniquely qualified to oversee agency operations, including client strategy. John’s vision has allowed Adcetera to remain independent while thriving through four decades of advertising industry change, growing from a local graphic design studio to a global, fully integrated digital agency. On weekends John enjoys golfing and ranching, or you can find him on the wrestling mat, soccer pitch, or baseball field spending time with his grandchildren.



Brett Petillo, VP, Content Licensing Brett Petillo, VP, Content Licensing
Brett Petillo

VP, Content Licensing

Brett joined Adcetera with over 25 years’ experience in sales and sales management, growing and guiding sales teams that consistently achieved exponential revenue growth. His extensive sales management background gives Brett unique insight into content licensing and media promotion. When he’s not expanding Adcetera’s licensing services, Brett likes to spend time with his wife of 20 years, watch his son play baseball, and listen to his daughter’s stories about working on Capitol Hill.



Picture of Carolyn Kidd Picture of Carolyn Kidd
Carolyn Kidd

Vice President, Account Development

Carolyn leads Adcetera’s Chicago and Midwest regional operations with a combination of marketing and management expertise, developing client relationships and account growth across technology, hospitality, and retail industries. She works with account, strategy, and creative leads to develop and refine growth strategies and plans tailored to meet client goals and objectives. Outside the office, Carolyn likes to explore Chicago’s rich history and culture with her husband and daughter.



Kalie Brown, VP, Account Service Kalie Brown, VP, Account Service
Kalie Brown

VP, Account Service

Kalie launched her career at Adcetera right out of college, and she worked her way up the account service ladder with a combination of tenacity, ingenuity, and marketing savvy. As Vice President, Account Service, she oversees client relationships in the agency’s Fortune 500 accounts and works directly with department heads and creative teams on project development and on-time/on-budget delivery. Kalie treasures Saturday afternoons on her patio with her husband, her daughter, and the family dog.



Matthew Alberty, VP, Digital Services Matthew Alberty, VP, Digital Services
Matthew Alberty

VP, Digital Services

As Vice President, Digital Services, Matt applies his 20 years of diverse digital marketing experience to solving complex technical challenges, implementing digital experience platforms (DXP), and improving customer experiences (CX). He supervises digital projects from concept to completion using his extensive knowledge of web design and development, marketing automation, and digital transformation. Matt enjoys golf, boating, and helping his three young daughters pursue their passions — ballet, swimming, and playgrounds.



Whitney Lehmann, Chief Client Officer Whitney Lehmann, Chief Client Officer
Whitney Lehmann

VP, Operations

Through her fifteen years at Adcetera, Whitney has proven time and again that she knows to make things happen and get the work done. Her talent for organization, negotiation, and project management gives the agency the freedom and focus it needs to produce award-winning creative work year after year. When she’s not coordinating the efforts of our business development and account teams, Whitney devotes her full attention to her four children and spends every weekend cheering at their sporting events.



George Salinas, Senior VP, Creative Services George Salinas, Senior VP, Creative Services
George Salinas

Senior VP, Creative Services

A member of the Adcetera family for his entire professional career, George leads our design and production departments with effortless flair and steady confidence. His creative portfolio showcases diverse client campaigns, success stories, and award-winning work that spans three decades. George uses his savvy leadership to develop high-quality talent and bring the best work to client projects throughout the shop.



Jennifer Hatherley, VP, Account Development Jennifer Hatherley, VP, Account Development
Jennifer Hatherley

VP, Account Development

Jennifer’s lifelong fascination with persuasive words and compelling ideas — and her 30 years of combined industry and agency experience — enable her to her match Adcetera’s broad creative and strategic capabilities to our clients’ varied problems and goals. She’s fully committed to helping every client boost their brand and business to the next level. Jennifer practices yoga every day, and she cherishes the unconditional approval of her dog, Norman Henry.



Alex Pagliano, VP, Media Services Alex Pagliano, VP, Media Services
Alex Pagliano

VP, Media Services

Alex has a passion for making complicated ideas accessible. He brings more than a decade of media planning experience to Adcetera, where he led the development of the agency’s integrated media services department. As Vice President, Media Services, he manages the agency’s media strategy, data analysis, and digital marketing programs. Alex volunteers his time and expertise mentoring college students in a variety of marketing disciplines. He’s also a devoted Buffalo Bills fan, but his Houston colleagues try not to hold that against him.



Andrew Nelson, VP, Client Strategies Andrew Nelson, VP, Client Strategies
Andrew Nelson

VP, Client Strategies

Andrew has more than 25 years of experience in marketing, advertising, and strategic communications, with broad subject-matter expertise across Adcetera’s core industry verticals. He works closely with our clients to develop marketing, brand, and sales enablement strategies, then coordinates the efforts of our creative teams to deliver business results that are both effective and original. Andrew is an avid traveler, an endurance athlete, an insatiable reader, and a devoted husband.



Dove Harrell, VP, People and Performance Dove Harrell, VP, People and Performance
Dove Harrell

VP, People and Performance

For over a decade, Dove has been the tireless champion of Adcetera’s people and culture. She supervises day-to-day operations, logistics, facilities, and every stage of the employee lifecycle, from recruiting and onboarding to benefits and reporting. She also coordinates the agency’s many humanitarian efforts, organizing blood drives, charity events, and volunteer activities. Away from work, Dove enjoys running, reading, cooking, and spending time with her family and friends.



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