Hours of strategic thinking, constructing thoughtful wireframes, reorganizing content, detailed coding, and many rounds of refinement and testing ended exactly as planned: in victory.

For the third consecutive year, an Adcetera enterprise website is a finalist at the 2021 Acquia Engage Awards, an annual recognition of outstanding Drupal-based projects. This year, the revamped Loomis web experience is the Leader of the Pack in the Financial Services category. The new website includes refreshed web branding, restricted content, simplified management and editing tools, and improved reliability.

“This year’s winners created an impact at a time when developers, IT teams, and marketers have been challenged by rapidly shifting customer expectations,” said Lynne Capozzi, Chief Marketing Officer at Acquia. “We’re inspired by each one of them and honored to recognize their accomplishments.”

Another Adcetera web project, for CGG Americas, was also named a Leader of the Pack finalist in the Technology category. According to Acquia, both winners and finalists represent “an organization that has embraced innovation and made a major impact through delivering digital experiences.”

Mockup of Loomis website in both tablet and mobile devices

From legacy to modern

Wanting to refine their web aesthetic and showcase their wide portfolio of services, Loomis partnered with Adcetera in 2019. The original site, which was built on Sitecore and hosted by Loomis, featured an assortment of tools that required time-consuming maintenance and upgrades, which often resulted in lost data and modules. And even more: third-party integrations with software like Salesforce came with high licensing fees.

What did all those hurdles mean for Loomis? Not meeting their core marketing goal of adding new customers. So, when it came time to update their web experience, Loomis had specific goals already in mind, including:

  • Reducing the costs and headaches of maintenance and integrations
  • Refocusing the marketing team on client support and growth instead of website maintenance
  • Creating a reliable hosting environment
  • Refreshing the brand and content, and enhancing the customer experience
Loomis website on a laptop and smart safe solution

Paving the way for performance

But creating a new look for Loomis would need more than a fresh coat of paint. Matthew Alberty, Vice President, Digital Services at Adcetera, said the redesign required several upgrades, which are crucial for standing out from the competition:

  • Easier site maintenance
  • A more mature digital experience (DXP)
  • Lower operating costs
  • A streamlined, customer-centric approach

Even more, the new site would have to:

  • Meet the needs of all business units
  • Appeal to multiple user audiences
  • Accommodate limited in-house IT support

To jumpstart the transition, we recommended shifting to a more flexible, cloud-based platform—the Acquia Cloud—and building a stronger foundation on the Drupal CMS. Right away, moving to a cloud platform reduced operational costs, letting Loomis marketing teams focus more on client and business needs rather than managing cumbersome IT.

Our experienced team first conducted thorough discovery sessions and other conversations with key Loomis stakeholders. Then we began our proven, agile, and collaborative process, starting with reorganizing and simplifying the content structure and navigation, as well as revamping Loomis brand elements like icons, headline treatments, and image selection.

With a strong frame in place, migrating new and existing content could begin, along with refining popular industry tools like the ROI calculator for mobile and desktop experiences. And our Acquia-certified development team leveraged the Acquia DXP and coding best practices to create a simpler editing experience.

We’re inspired by each one of them and honored to recognize their accomplishments.

Lynne Capozzi Chief Marketing Officer at Acquia

The results are in

After launching the site, it didn’t take long to see immediate improvements. Not only did the site now feature simplified management and an evolved overall design, structure, and UX, it also offered streamlined marketing and increased bandwidth.

Switching to the Acquia platform eliminated unnecessary steps for launching or adding new content, meaning Loomis marketing teams could add gated forms or downloads, push leads to Salesforce, and add new users—all with little to no custom code. Improved cloud and third-party integration also enabled more reliable performance for essential customer alerts and communication during service disruptions like inclement weather and delivery delays, even during peak site traffic.

69% increase in leads and 47% decrease in page load time

“All this progress, and these results, they wouldn’t be possible without this amazing in-house team and incredible client input,” said Kyle Regan, Senior Director, Digital Development at Adcetera. “From kickoff to launch, everyone involved worked tirelessly to exceed both Adcetera’s and Loomis's expectations. And the proof can be found in the finished product.”

Visual of Loomis website on phone devices

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