Rethinking the Retail Space

Exploded view of a premium retail endcap display for Z by HP high-performance workstations, with the headline, “Power to free your creative mind.”
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  • Customer Experience (CX)
  • Sales Enablement

As a lead retail partner to HP for more than 20 years, and the creators of more than 100 high-touch store-in-store executions across North America, Adcetera has long been at the leading edge of the HP retail strategy.

While experience-focused, brand-forward in-store retail remains a focus for HP, those in-person experiences are today part of a seamless omnichannel shopping and buying motion — with consumers increasingly agnostic about in-store, online, and in-app purchasing. We work closely with HP to help ensure that their story remains consistent with their brand, even as the channel drives the way that story is told. And we are always helping evolve the ways they segment and differentiate their audience: understanding what drives different buyers to purchase at different times and in different places.


As an example, in a recent refresh of three HP store-in-stores at NFM totaling over 1,500 sq. ft., a new retail vision was brought to life with merchandising that actively encouraged shoppers’ online comparison, research, and shopping behaviors — even enabling online purchase for delivery. We saw it as an opportunity to reimagine the space as a showcase for HP innovations and the newly refreshed HP brand, and as an opportunity to integrate additional priorities — not just the new integration between in-store and online shopping tools, but also carbon footprint offsets for the entire execution.

Examples of HP retail merchandising: a laptop computer placed on a product mat, and an exploded view of a premium fact tag holder.
A hand holds a smartphone displaying the HP product page on Nebraska Furniture Mart’s website.

The Approach

With any retail engagement, the distinction between buying in-store and online purchase is increasingly fluid: An online purchase could be picked up in store or delivered to the shopper’s home. An in-store purchase could be backed by a subscription for supplies and peripherals, delivered direct, while a store could be a hands-on showroom for a shopper wholly committed to online purchase. The space we created at NFM is a showcase for HP products, the HP brand, and the HP vision for the future of retail — all together in a fully carbon-neutral execution.

  • Target logo.
  • Staples logo.
  • Office Depot logo.
  • Best Buy logo.
  • Walmart logo.
  • Conn’s logo.
  • Costco Wholesale logo.
Examples of HP retail merchandising: a blade sign attached to an all-in-one PC, a riser for a laptop computer, and a decal on the front of a desktop tower.
Cover page of the HP LaserJet Tank 2000 Series retail toolkit.
Pages of the HP LaserJet Tank 2000 Series retail toolkit arranged on a flat surface.
Three pallet shippers for the HP Pavilion x360 Convertible laptop, including a pallet wrap, display unit, and trays of take-to-register cards.

Why Adcetera

Retail experience is a core Adcetera capability, and we’ve demonstrated it in years of retail innovation for HP. At the same time, we’ve become a leader in online customer and user experience — for HP and many other clients. Combining these capabilities — in-store and online experience — with our deep engagement with HP’s brand and go-to-market (GTM) strategies has moved us to the forefront of agencies reimagining the nature and potential of the omnichannel retail experience.