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The Corebridge Financial IPO brought the former AIG Life & Retirement business into the marketplace with a new name, a new look, and an unfamiliarity hurdle that posed an instant headwind to new policy sales.

Our existing relationship — and experience and expertise — with AIG Life & Retirement allowed us to stand up a campaign, targeting retirement plan sponsors, that helped overcome brand confusion and reinforce messages of continuity: a new brand, same competitive suite of products and services.

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The timing of an IPO is the outcome of a set of overlapping financial, regulatory, brand, and business priorities. The Corebridge Financial IPO was delayed for several months from its initial date — necessitating a delicate dance of marketing based on specific permissions from the Corebridge Financial Transition Office. When the IPO was finally announced, existing campaign strategies and creative needed immediate revision: a retirement services (group retirement) campaign we already had in flight required new branding, new messaging, and expanded scope.

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The Approach

The new Corebridge Financial group retirement campaign expanded to include five key publications with relevance and readership among group retirement plan sponsors: HR Pulse, NAPA Net, Pensions & Investments, CFO Magazine, and HR Magazine.

HR Pulse logo with the tagline, “Empower your people.”
NAPA Net logo with the tagline, “Informing and Connecting Plan Advisors.”
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We built a plan that brought our messages into multiple touchpoints, including email newsletters, static and HTML display ads, page takeovers, and full-page advertisements in print editions. The message “AIG Retirement Services is now Corebridge Financial” threaded throughout, while individual executions promoted specific features and benefits of Corebridge Financial group retirement products.

A dark purple Corebridge Financial billboard with the headline, “Move financial dreams forward.”
A social media ad with the headline, “AIG Retirement Services is now Corebridge Financial.”
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A vertical web banner ad featuring an overhead view of a woman using her laptop computer at a coffee table, with the headline, “AIG Retirement Services is now Corebridge Financial.”
A man holds a purple Corebridge Financial brochure with the headline, “AIG Retirement Services is now Corebridge Financial.”

Why Adcetera

As a long-time creative and marketing partner to AIG Life & Retirement, we had deep experience with their products, their markets, and their audiences. The spinoff and rebranding of the business as Corebridge Financial was an opportunity for us to combine our legacy product and industry understanding with an enhanced (and aggressive!) media strategy in support of the new brand.