The Rule of 7 Still Holds True

The Rule of 7 is an old marketing term — but the fact that it’s old doesn’t mean it’s outdated. Rule of 7 states that prospective buyers need to come across an advertiser’s message at least seven times before they take action.

The model was developed by the movie industry in the 1930s. Studio managers determined that a certain amount of advertising was required to convince someone to see one of their movies. The research methodology isn’t clear, nor is why they chose the number 7. It’s not so much about the number rather the repetition and reinforcement. In today’s world, people are bombarded with ads through so many different channels that the “Rule of 70” is probably more realistic. That’s not to say that Rule of 7 always rules. There’s certainly a “Rule of 1” to consider as social influencers, online purchases, and micro-transactions create conversion after just one mention. Consider the purchasing and power of influence celebrities have on instant conversions through product promotions and sponsorship.

Applying the Rule of 7 by Today’s Rules

Prepare Your List

  1. Study your prospects. Know everything you can about who are they, where are they, what do they need, what do they like, etc.
  2. Build your list and view your prospects as more that a database of home addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. See them as allies, partners and opinion leaders—people who want to know as much as they can about your offering before they commit to a purchase.

Plan Cross Media

  1. Appear where your prospects are; this includes traditional channels such as print, radio, and TV as well as new channels including the blogs and websites they visit, the events they attend, and the social media they use.
  2. Take an integrated approach. Begin your marketing messaging in an email. Then cross into radio, TV, Google ads, Facebook ads, YouTube video ads and banner ads on the sites they frequent.

Live Your Message

  1. Introduce yourself. Prospects need to know who you are before they will buy from you. Just putting your brand message out there once isn’t enough.
  2. Create a need. Your prospect may not actually realize the need for what you’re offering, so convey information that creates that need.
  3. Convey value to convince prospects of the value of your product. Know that your price matches your value.
  4. Be consistent in your communication to build recognition so that prospects remember your brand faster. Communicate the same message and the same offer on each channel.
  5. Make sure prospects like and trust you. There are so many marketing messages out there that are far from true. Prove that you can be trusted.
  6. Build a relationship. Social media channels offer the opportunity touch prospects on a regularly basis. Share content related to your marketing message and interact with prospects where you can.

You want to be everywhere your prospects are to ensure your message becomes a part of their world. This will move your prospects faster and further into making and repeating the purchases or other actions you’re trying to achieve through your programs.

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