An expanded vision for the future of commercial security

An expanded vision for the future of commercial security.
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Everon began as ADT Commercial. When their ambition — and opportunity — grew beyond the name, a new brand was born.

A private-equity acquisition powered the spinoff of Everon from the ADT family, with aggressive plans to expand the core offering beyond security, fire, and life safety and lean into a technology-forward approach powering greater operational efficiency and superior service to customers. But with a short runway from spinoff announcement to Day One operations, Everon would need a new web presence in record time.

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As an existing agency partner to ADT Commercial, we knew the industry and the players. But the new brand stood for a marked evolution from that starting point. While our creative teams worked to build out core visual elements of the new brand, our web strategists began to build the framework for the new site: one that that would reflect the technological sophistication of the newly independent company, highlight the thought leadership and industry expertise of the Everon team, and provide a robust foundation for aggressive growth.

The Approach

The new site would be built on Acquia Drupal, and balance simultaneous and equally important needs for brand awareness, brand building (through thought-leadership content), and lead generation. Further, it would need to support Everon’s technology-forward strategy with progressive design and functionality, representing their willingness to challenge the status quo in the security, fire, and life safety industry and to meet head-on the challenges created by economic and industrial evolution. Finally, and no less important, the site would need to have the information architecture, structure, and tech stack necessary to support the rapid growth of a brand with aggressive plans for acquisition-driven growth.

And if that wasn’t enough, there was a key catch: We had less than three months until the site needed to launch, and it had to be fully dynamic, SEO-optimized, personalization-enabled, WCAG-compliant, secure, and with Pardot-optimized lead generation up and running.

Why Adcetera

As an incumbent partner to ADT Commercial, we were in the right place when they first shared the news of the Everon spinoff. No less importantly, we were ready to move at their pace. An innovative project management approach allowed us to compress the entire project lifecycle by running multiple parallel workstreams, aligned to help avoid dependency-based bottlenecks and allowing midstream testing and validation of core site components even as content and visual development were in progress. And with our entire development and creative team working on-site in the same offices, we were able to cut layers of communication and handoff inefficiency out of the process.

The results? everonsolutions.com went live on schedule and on-spec.