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Adcetera’s Marketing Automation Solutions

In the current dynamic digital landscape, executing successful marketing automation programs requires more than just technology—it demands expertise, strategy, and a dedicated partner by your side. Adcetera recognizes the importance of fine-tuned and customized tech stacks for a smooth, seamless digital experience platform. With a proven track record in delivering results, we will help you unlock the full potential of marketing automation in driving efficiency and business growth.

Build a Marketing Automation Strategy with Adcetera

Not sure where to start in the marketing automation journey? Let us do the heavy lifting for you to jumpstart your Martech integration process with a comprehensive strategy. Our approach requires the careful alignment of tech platforms, customer data, customer engagement tactics, and internal processes.

  • Assessing master digital strategy. Our digital marketing and media experts place every element of your overall digital strategy under a microscope to identify strengths and opportunity gaps. Through a close consultation process, we can help you pinpoint areas where you can seamlessly integrate tools and services for marketing automation.
  • Developing a business case for marketing automation. Quantifying the benefits of a successful marketing automation process is an essential part of getting buy-ins from stakeholders. We understand the increasing pressure to prove high ROI potentials for your marketing endeavors, and we aim to deliver.
  • Designing the marketing automation architecture. Adcetera approaches every issue with an interdisciplinary approach, meaning we can strategize, design, and build your customized Martech stack. Once we complete the consultation process for marketing automation strategy, we will implement the tailored solutions that your business needs.
  • Selecting marketing automation vendors. In the busy marketplace of Martech vendors, we can cut through the noise and provide recommendations for top-of-class offerings from leading providers. Our partnerships with Acquia, Salesforce, and Adobe and mean we have industry expertise and access to services that fit your every business need.

Adcetera’s Enterprise Marketing Automation Solutions

Once we have worked through a marketing automation strategy, Adcetera can provide tailored solutions for any need. Every approach to marketing automation implementation is meticulously designed to ensure the most optimal use of your budget for a better ROI.

  • Marketing automation assessment. We place your current marketing initiatives under a close lens to identify strengths and opportunity gaps. By examining your current customer touchpoints and business objectives, we can help you improve customer experience, revenue, cost, and efficiencies in the marketing process. We will let you know of any area to improve your bottom line by automating marketing initiatives.
  • Use case development. Collaborate with our seasoned experts to craft tailored use cases that unlock the full potential of your marketing automation plan. From defining target audiences to selecting optimal activation channels, mapping customer journeys, and determining asset requirements, we make sure your implementation plan has plenty of backing.
  • Customer data integration. With our expertise in processing data and building tailoredcustomer data platforms, we can help you develop a robust data schema that facilitates seamless aggregation and utilization of your customer information. Your marketing automation platform will be well-equipped to securely deliver actionable insights for strategic planning and impactful decision-making.
  • Data science and modeling. We roll up our sleeves and get down to the nitty-gritty of data analytics so you can cruise through the marketing automation process with accurate and digestible business intelligence. Leveraging advanced machine learning models and the latest AI tools, our team aims to extract maximum value from your proprietary customer data for a better ROI.
  • Campaign orchestration. When it’s time to launch, we ensure synchronization across your activation channels for your campaign. Whether it’s email, SMS, in-app notifications, web personalization, or retargeting ads, our goal is to make your campaigns highly relevant to your audience and inspire brand loyalty.
  • Measuring, tracking, and reporting. Once in motion, it is critical your marketing automation program is closely monitored and continuously reiterated upon for improvement. We will develop custom dashboards and guarantee frequent touchpoints between your team and ours to stay up-to-date on key customer engagement metrics.
  • Customer data and security compliance. Without the proper security measures in place, you risk ineffective campaigns, revenue loss, or worse—your brand’s standing in the industry, Adcetera treats your customer data with great care, and we go the extra mile to ensure our data handling practices comply with stringent data protection regulations, including GDPR. We work diligently to provide you with peace of mind as you leverage your customer data to its fullest potential.

Adcetera Services to Fuel Your Marketing Automation Program

Adcetera’s commitment to your success extends beyond the development and implementation of your marketing automation program. Once the automation machine is up and running, we will provide the fuel, maintenance, and updates that ensure it increases the bottom line.

  • Media activation. With your audience segments primed and ready, Adcetera can assist with media activation to ensure your message reaches the right targets through strategic placement and continual optimization. If you need help defining or redefining customer segments, our media and brand experts will help you build individual personas that support your business objectives.
  • Asset development. As a full-service digital marketing agency, Adcetera offers comprehensive content strategy and design services customized for every part of the marketing funnel. From captivating animations and graphics to seamless landing pages, our team of writers, designers, and developers can bring your brand experience to life.
  • Demand generation. Every successful marketing initiative needs a steady flow of leads to power its operations and fuel results. Adcetera partners with you to develop lead-generation strategies across activation channels for the most optimal influx of leads.
  • Sales enablement. Your sales team is the driving force behind your revenue growth, and Adcetera will empower them with assets that blend smoothly into your customers' journeys. From compelling sales collateral to personalized touchpoints, we will ensure your sales team has the tools they need to drive conversions and foster loyal customer relationships.

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