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Implementing Enterprise Customer Data Platforms

CDPs are essential to the customer experience process — and your overarching digital experience platform. They help aggregate customer information from multiple sources and formats, giving you easy access to a single source of actionable insights for the decision-making process. CDPs allow businesses to visualize the customer journey and identify every touchpoint with clarity. When done well, a CDP is a powerful tool for seamless operations and unparalleled customer engagement. Adcetera has the expertise and experience to build a CDP that helps increase your bottom line and excels at meeting business goals.

Build a Business Case for a Customer Data Platform with Adcetera

Implementing a comprehensive CDP can be expensive, and building a robust case to justify the practice can be challenging. With Adcetera as your agency partner, we bring to the table our expertise in digital marketing and experience with Martech stacks to help you develop a powerful business case to win approval from internal stakeholders.

  • Planning the CDP strategy. Through a close consultation process within our cross-functional teams, we will map a holistic strategy to drive meaningful, emotional, and creative customer experiences while maximizing the value of your proprietary data. We dig deep into your brand, industry, market, competitors, and audience to draft a tailored framework that aligns with your business objectives and customer engagement goals.
  • Maximizing ROI. Adcetera understands the needs to prove the feasibility of a CDP plan for a successful deployment. Our business strategists and media experts will do the heavy lifting and crunch numbers to demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) that your stakeholders demand. We will showcase the tangible outcomes and business impact of leveraging a CDP, and once buy-in from key decision-makers is ensured, we will deliver.
  • Drafting the CDP architecture. The pieces of the CDP puzzle can get complicated very quickly. With expertise in a diverse range of Martech verticals, we will guide you toward the best way to aggregate and activate customer data. Whether you need to develop new capabilities or integrate new tools into your current tech stacks, we have you covered.
  • Building a CDP RFP. Selecting the right CDP can be a daunting and expensive process. As your agency partner, Adcetera will develop a well-structured request for proposal (RFP). We will guide you through a creation process that accurately captures your business objectives and succinctly represents your brand and audience. When all fundamental CDP functionalities are addressed, the RFP will be the solid foundation for a successful implementation.
  • Selecting CDP vendors. As more and more vendors provide the capacity for an integrated CDP platform, making the selection process has become crowded and competitive. We can cut through the noise for you and provide recommendations for top-of-class offerings from leading providers. Our partnerships with Acquia, Salesforce, and Adobe mean we have industry expertise and access to the right services to fit your ever business need.

Adcetera—Your One-Stop Shop for Customer Data Platform Solutions

When it’s time to implement your CDP strategy, our diverse suite of tools will provide custom-tailored solutions. to ensure the most optimal use of your customer information.

  • Customer engagement assessment. To kickstart your CDP journey, we will conduct a thorough examination of your current customer touch points, sales cycles, and business objectives. A successful CDP program needs to stand on a solid foundation. We will lay the groundwork for a tailored CDP strategy that not only enhances customer experiences, but also drives revenue growth and optimizes operational costs.
  • Use case development. We collaborate closely with your team to develop customized use cases for your customer data platform. From defining audience segments to recommending the most effective activation channels and designing customer journey maps, we aim to ensure your marketing automation tactics are bulletproof. Our experience in banking, insurance, e-commerce, retail, healthcare, and travel will ensure we have a wide array of examples for your CDP needs.
  • Customer data integration. With our savvy background in data integration, we will assist you in developing a robust data schema that facilitates seamless collection, ingestion, enrichment, and utilization of first-party data. Your CDP will be equipped to securely deliver actionable insights that are crucial for informed decision-making and strategic planning.lso drives revenue growth and optimizes operational costs.
  • Data science and modeling. Leveraging advanced machine learning models and sophisticated AI tools, our team can extract maximum value from your proprietary customer data. We roll-up our sleeves and get through the nerdy, messy data processing so your business can be empowered with clear, concrete insights that’ll drive growth and increase your bottom line.
  • Campaign orchestration. When it’s time to launch, we work hard to ensure synchronization across all your activation channels. Whether it’s email, SMS, in-app notifications, web personalization, or retargeting ads, our goal is to make your campaigns relevant to your audience and inspire brand drives revenue growth and optimizes operational costs.
  • Measuring, tracking, and reporting. Once implemented, it is critical to keep a close watch on the health of a CDP and continuously reiterate for improvement. We will develop custom dashboards and guarantee frequent touchpoints between your team and ours to stay up-to-date on key customer engagement metrics.
  • Customer data and security compliance. Without the proper security measures in place, you risk ineffective campaigns, revenue loss, or worse—your brand’s standing in the industry, Adcetera treats your customer data with great care, and we go the extra mile to ensure our data handling practices comply with stringent data protection regulations, including GDPR. We work diligently to provide you with peace of mind as you leverage your customer data to its fullest potential.

Support Your CDP with Adcetera’s Digital Marketing Services

We don’t stop putting in the work, even when your CDP is up and running. A holistic customer engagement strategy needs a well-oiled CDP machine, and we continue to provide you with the fuel needed to run it.

  • Media activation. With your audience segments ready, Adcetera can assist with media activation to ensure your message reaches the right targets through strategic placement and continual optimization. Don’t have clear customer segmentations yet? Our media and brand experts can help you build custom personas to paint a clear picture of your target audience.
  • Asset development. When we say Adcetera is a full-service digital marketing agency, we mean it. Whatever part of the customer journey your CDP is deployed for, we can provide the content strategy and design services for it. Our writers, designers, and developers can create and build anything from animations and graphics to landing pages for an engaging brand experience.
  • Demand generation. As your CDP train chugs along, it needs a steady flow of leads to power its engine. Adcetera teams up with you to build lead-generation strategies from every channel your brand exists on.
  • Media activation. With your audience segments ready, Adcetera can assist with media activation to ensure your message reaches the right targets through strategic placement and continual optimization. Don’t have clear customer segmentations yet? Our media and brand experts can help you build custom personas to paint a clear picture of your target audience.
  • Sales enablement. Your CDP plays a vital role in retaining and nurturing clients, and Adcetera will support your sales team with assets aligned with your audience. Empower your sales team with the tools and resources they need to effectively engage with customers today.

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