From a publisher’s perspective, what is content licensing?

As a publisher, you can use content licensing to grant permission for another party to use your copyrighted material for a specific use. This allows the licensee to use your brand awareness and cachet to achieve their business goals. It is an effective way to generate additional revenue with existing content. Additionally, you will get the benefits of exposure to the clients’ customers with zero costs to your expansion strategy.

What is the difference between content syndication and content licensing?

While there are many similarities between content syndication and content licensing, the fundamental difference lies within each practice’s purpose. Both processes revolve around the use and redistribution of copyrighted properties from one party to another. However, content syndication involves the distribution of content to multiple platforms with the main goal of increasing content exposure, while content licensing involves using the existing content for specific business purposes, like building brand credentials to increase sales. Content syndication is typically between smaller entities like writers or brands and larger syndicators like a cable network. The content then will be distributed on the network’s platforms for free or at a low price, but often with little control from the creators’ side. Conversely, content licensing ensures that the publisher retains rights to a piece of content through a formal contract and uses it exclusively, which can help in reaching strategically targeted audiences.

Why should you hire an agency to manage your content licensing?

Would you sell your home without contracting with a real estate professional? Of course not. It’s not what you do. Experts in any given field know the landscape. A realtor knows what other houses in your neighborhood are selling for. They know what makes your property unique from others on the market. Price something too high and people will just buy another house. Too low and you just left money on the table. They know the sweet spot for your home, because that is what they do all day every day. A third-party agency’s purpose is to not only sell your content, but to know the market within the competitive landscape so that they maximize its value and know the trends within the market to strategically consult on ways to expand your exiting business.

Once launched, we provide second to none account management and consultation. With our expertise and tailored tools, the Adcetera Licensing Plus program will help you capitalize on content to increase revenue, instill consumer confidence, and broaden your brand’s footprint.

What is the cost of hiring an agency?

Nothing. Zip. Zero. If we don’t sell, you don’t pay. All compensation is based on a revenue share basis so that you are never paying for a service you don’t get. The only additional cost outlay is, if you so choose, implementing additional programs based on our consultation services which are included with your revenue share. So you are using a portion of your additional revenue to expand your future revenue. But let’s be honest, that’s a great problem to have.

What is an award/licensing program? How can I build revenue from this?

An award licensing program involves granting brands permission to use logos, awards, or other accolades you have produced. As a publisher, you have worked diligently to produce reviews and assessments of brands. By partnering with licensees to license their hard-earned recognitions, you can tap into new audiences and expand the reach of your brand to build additional revenues from existing work. Consumers trust awards and recognition more than paid advertisements, with 85 percent regularly seeking trusted expert content when considering a purchase.

Why are awards/licenses valuable?

Now more than ever, people are looking for expert, independent, third-party guidance in their buying decisions. Your opinion helps buyers make decisions like what product to buy, what school to go to and even where to seek medical care and these institutions want the consumer/student/patient to choose them. That is where you come in. By incorporating your brand recognition into their traditional marketing plans, these organizations are using your reputation to differentiate themselves from their competitors, increasing the likelihood they will be chosen by the consumer. Bottom line, your copyright and trademark protected assets help them increase their revenue and that has value.

We just won an award. What should I do?

Congratulations on your award! We can help you leverage this award to increase brand awareness and revenue growth through our licensing program. Our team of experienced content professionals can provide expert guidance on securing placements and navigating the licensing landscape. Contact us today to get started!