Chapter Aesthetic Studio

Chapter Aesthetic Studio Campaign

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  • Media Strategy & Planning
  • Paid Media
  • Customer Experience (CX)

Chapter Aesthetic Studio is a growing brand with seventeen studios across the Midwest and Northeast, and service offerings including medical-grade facials, Botox, body contouring, and more.

The brand is wellness-focused, emphasizing comfort, confidence, and non-judgmental positivity, and their existing clients are highly loyal to the brand. But new guest appointments weren’t meeting targets, and multiple agency engagements hadn’t solved the problem.

Enter Adcetera: new approaches to performance media, promotion strategy, and creative, supported by UX improvements to the Chapter website, drove striking improvement in appointment volume and new guest visits while reducing cost-per-appointment.

  • 42%increase in appointments
  • 52%decrease in cost-per-appointment
  • 54%increase in new guests per day


Detailed market research made it clear to Chapter Aesthetic Studio that there was ample untapped potential in the markets where they operate. But converting those potential guests into new loyalists was an elusive goal, despite significant marketing and advertising investment. When Chapter approached Adcetera, they were considering cutting their advertising spend — it was dragging on their financials and seemed to be delivering little performance in return.

An open laptop screen shows the appointment page of the Chapter Aesthetic Studio website.

The Approach

We began with the data. Our analysis revealed multiple opportunities for improvement: in search engine marketing (SEM), promotion strategy, creative approach, and even the user experience on Chapter’s online appointment booking page. Further, we were able to make a successful case against cutting advertising spend — showing Chapter that in fact a strategic increase in spend would more than pay for itself in increased appointment count and service volume. The approach paid off, with performance that met their end-of-year marketing goals by the close of the first quarter.

An arrangement of images including the exterior of a Chapter Aesthetic Studio location, a smartphone displaying a promotional offer, and visitors undergoing VISIA skin analysis.

Why Adcetera

“Data-driven” isn’t a buzzword here. When we dig into our clients’ marketing and advertising strategies and analyze them against business objectives, we are uniquely adept at identifying weak spots and opportunities. And we’re unafraid to propose iconoclastic strategies that challenge conventional assumptions and approaches — and deliver significant results.

The cover page of Adcetera’s competitive audit for Chapter Aesthetic Studio.
Pages from Adcetera’s competitive audit for Chapter Aesthetic Studio, arranged on a blank surface.