Our story starts and ends with you.

Your success is the reason we’re in business. Whether it’s providing our clients with insights, strategies, or creative solutions, we exist to deliver measurable and sustainable results for ambitious brands. Our world guides inspiration, and our work guides innovation as we continually seek new and better ways to serve our clients — many of whom have utilized our services for more than 20 years. 

Who we are

Adcetera is a strategic marketing agency specializing in omnichannel creative content development and digital media. We are an independent, WBENC-certified, woman-owned company with nearly 40 years of experience in executing solutions tailored for diverse objectives. Our extensive experience in both B2B and B2C markets ensures that we can focus on your precise needs. 

What we do

We deliver marketing strategies, customer and brand experiences, and measured media and analytics through our creative, digital, and motion services to help you connect with your customers. Our award-winning team applies our unique combination of creative services and marketing intelligence to create meaningful partnerships with brands, helping you build relationships with your customers and measurably improve your value.

How we lead

Our leadership is built from multifaceted, deeply knowledgeable individuals with diverse experiences across businesses and industries. Our dedication and passion take us to where others in our industry haven’t been — or haven’t dared to go. We accelerate forward and have the right people guiding the way. Meet our leaders and see the ways we’re steering Adcetera and our clients to what’s next.

Kristy Sexton, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Kristy Sexton, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Kristy Sexton

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

The year was 1982. A savvy woman said, “I could totally do this,” so she totally did. The heart and soul of Adcetera, Kristy brings the leadership chops to mentor and guide teams in delivering high engagement, value, and results. Her vision not only pushes us to constantly evolve what is now the longest-running and largest independent creative services company in Houston, but it’s also the driving force behind everything from international recognition and award-winning campaigns to year-round charitable initiatives for community partners.

Pagogh Cho, Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer Pagogh Cho, Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer
Pagogh Cho

Chief Strategy Officer

Pagogh plays the dual role of brand empath and agency catalyst. He is driven by an obsession to "figure things out" and curate solutions for clients and company alike. He is responsible for leading strategic, critical, and divergent thinking engagements for brands ranging in scale from enterprise to startup.

Whitney Lehmann, Chief Client Officer Whitney Lehmann, Chief Client Officer
Whitney Lehmann

Chief Client Officer

Constantly striving for success and client satisfaction, Whitney stands at the busy intersection of opportunity, cost, and creativity. Her leadership is visible in our project management, the cohesiveness of our business development and account teams, and the consistently positive feedback we get from our clients. As a trained visual artist, Whitney also oversees our motion team, helping to bring powerful ideas to life with live-action video and 2D or 3D animations.

Michael Burnett, Chief Strategy Officer Michael Burnett, Chief Strategy Officer
Michael Burnett

Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer

As a full-time marketing strategist, Michael leads marketing and engagement initiatives with a sharp sense of what works for Adcetera and its clients — a skill he has developed through decades of studying market forecasts, brand communications, and project performance. As Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer, Michael partners with clients to develop maximum value and return on branding, marketing, and advertising activities.

Brett Petillo, VP, Content Licensing Brett Petillo, VP, Content Licensing
Brett Petillo

VP, Content Licensing

Brett leads Adcetera’s Content Licensing team with a focus on growth and servant leadership. Not only does he help publishers and brands get more value from earned media, but he’s also committed to mentoring others based on the lessons he’s learned over a 22-year career. Whether it’s consulting with a magazine to optimize content for added revenue or helping companies promote the accolades they’ve received, Brett seeks out win-win opportunities and makes them a reality.

Rowan Gearon, Chief Creative Officer Rowan Gearon, Chief Creative Officer
Rowan Gearon

Chief Creative Officer

Rowan’s creative expertise spans over 20 years, four different countries, and an eclectic mix of clients. He works to position our clients as market leaders, driving unparalleled quality and creativity. Whether it’s art, copy, or code, Rowan guides the exploration of every possibility before landing on the best solution for each project. He is deeply committed to empowering teams and individuals to bring great ideas to life.

 John Sexton, Chief Operating Officer & Financial Officer  John Sexton, Chief Operating Officer & Financial Officer
John Sexton

Chief Operating Officer

John plays a dual role in serving as our company’s CFO and COO. He runs a tight ship around here, but don’t be fooled — he’s not all about the numbers. He’s the keeper of fun Adcetera traditions, comfortably applying his keen sense of humor and knack for making you feel right at home. John always has that big-picture vision for what works in our industry, your industry, and what’s needed to take us all to the next level — together.

Susie Cavazos, Chief Revenue Officer Susie Cavazos, Chief Revenue Officer
Susie Cavazos

Chief Revenue Officer

Susie’s deep cross-industry experience and innate ability to help people size up and resolve their ever-changing and complex marketing challenges have produced many of Adcetera’s longest-running client partnerships, including members of the Global 2000. She leads our business development team by helping members manage existing and developing new client relationships. Every day of Susie’s 20-plus years with Adcetera has been full of positivity, and she continues to be vital to our collective success.

Roy Smith, VP, Account Development Roy Smith, VP, Account Development
Roy Smith

VP, Account Development

While you’ll rarely see Roy without a smile on his face, this guy is all business. Drawing on more than 20 years of technology and advertising experience, Roy seamlessly connects the dots between business objectives and marketing execution and develops innovative ideas that push some of our most high-profile clients to their fullest potential.

Kalie Brown, VP, Account Service Kalie Brown, VP, Account Service
Kalie Brown

VP, Account Service

Kalie oversees Adcetera’s core Fortune 500 accounts and works directly with department directors and account teams on project development, account growth, and on-time/on-budget delivery. Kalie’s story started here fresh out of college, and during her 10-year tenure with Adcetera, she’s proven her potential to be a savvy leader, driving day-to-day operations and successful client projects with an extensive understanding of enterprise-level website development, go-to-market strategies, video projects, and experiential marketing.

George Salinas, Senior VP, Creative Services George Salinas, Senior VP, Creative Services
George Salinas

Senior VP, Creative Services

A member of the Adcetera family for his entire professional career, George leads our design and production departments with effortless flair and steady confidence. His creative portfolio showcases diverse client campaigns, success stories, and award-winning work that spans three decades. George uses his savvy leadership to develop high-quality talent and bring the best work to client projects throughout the shop.

Matthew Alberty, VP, Digital Services Matthew Alberty, VP, Digital Services
Matthew Alberty

VP, Digital Services

Matt strategically bridges the gap between CEOs, IT, sales, and marketing to drive the best results for Adcetera’s clients and their customers. He has worn many hats throughout his years with Adcetera, and routinely communicates and leads companies through the digital minefield. Idea generation and execution come second nature, as do product and service line development. Matt also oversees digital projects through their entire lifecycle using his extensive knowledge in web design and development, marketing intelligence programs, digital transformation, and marketing automation, to name a few.

Change is in our DNA.

We are constantly reinventing ourselves — from our beginnings as graphic designers, to a full-service ad agency, to the strategic marketing company we are today — we take a relentless approach in developing the future, today. Check out the timeline below for an overview of milestones in our team’s journey through the decades.


Then a two-woman partnership, Adcetera opens its doors as Adcetera Design Studio to help a little company called IBM with some of their creative needs.



Adcetera Design Studio moves out of the garage and into its first office space — and hires its first employee. That same year, Adcetera wins its first Gold Addy Award and adds the Sysco account.



Responding to increasing business and growing demand, Adcetera Design Studio launches its full-scale production department to design, write, and publish magazines, catalogs, and other print pieces.



Adcetera Design Studio creates its first-ever national TV commercial called “Etiquette Schmediquette” for the then-new Joe’s Crab Shack restaurant chain.



The Adcetera Group designs, develops, and implements its first CMS website for MD Anderson Cancer Center while adding a full-scale interactive team.



The Adcetera Group begins long-standing relationships with Hewlett Packard (HP) and AIG, which will blossom to include everything from product demos and packaging to sales tools and go-to-market strategies.



Adcetera’s evolution into a full-service advertising agency continues with the addition of its strategy and motion teams, cementing this growth by formally changing the company name to Adcetera.



Adcetera launches a fundraising campaign for Texas Children’s Hospital that generates millions of dollars, making it the company’s single highest capital campaign to date.



Adcetera brands and creatively executes its largest-ever event for HPE to commemorate the separation from Hewlett Packard.



Adcetera incorporates AR, VR, and AI into its interactive service line, working on a range of innovative and experimental programs involving these exciting technologies.



Adcetera opens a second office in The Woodlands, Texas, expanding its reach and our relationships with key clients in this ever-growing market.



Responding to existing and potential future client work, Adcetera opens a new office in Chicago, staffed by full-time members of our account service team. 


We care about our community.

At Adcetera we dedicate our time, our talent, and our treasure to improving the lives of others — in our own cities and around the world.

See how we give back
We give back

Your future is our focus.

As a company attuned to what’s next, we’re continuously evolving our capabilities and exploring new ways to support your business. See where we’ve excelled within our core industries and services.

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