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International Waters

Bottling Refreshment, Exceeding Expectations

When they discovered Theoni, real spring water bottled in Greece, U.S.-based Amazing Waters knew Europe had something good. Recognizing the differences between European and U.S. branding conventions and preferences, Amazing Waters relied on our years of expertise in food and beverage marketing to develop a strategy and brand to bring Theoni to the States. Backed by a strong, proud Greek heritage, Theoni water is so crisp and clear that it creates a purely exceptional experience — the inspiration behind our branding recommendation and campaign approach.

To capture the essence of a brand, our designers don’t just start with a blank screen. We kick it old school. Exploring new font faces, hand-drawn type, and pen-and-paper illustrations, we pull out the sketchbooks, doing whatever it takes to deliver a range of concepts that best convey the tone and vision of the brand. From there, we use strategic direction and client feedback to tweak and refine the creative, ensuring that the final output is truly our best recommendation.

Designers interpret feedback differently, so having a group of designers from diverse backgrounds and with unique styles allows us to explore every possible avenue. These bottle concepts are just a small glimpse of the effort we put into ensuring that our clients get our best recommendations. But even great design is only as good as its ability to be produced in a practical way. As part of the execution for Theoni, we addressed a range of packaging considerations, from printing substrates and inks to the bottling machinery’s label application capabilities. In the end, we were able to marry efficient production with a beautiful design. The final label, a crisp, clean white and silver, with hints of Greece — the flag and the strong serif font — tells the story of natural spring water backed by a proud heritage. The best of both worlds.

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