Maximize engagement for your virtual events

From online meetings to webinars to digital conferences, companies have held digital events for years. They offer many benefits — clear lead generation, better budget control, and greatly reduced travel costs. It can be a challenge to build the type of audience engagement you can achieve at a live event in the virtual space, but you can come close with careful planning, some out-of-the-box thinking, and the right technologies.

Our expertise

As a full-service agency, Adcetera can bring together different disciplines and services to build engaging digital experiences for your attendees. Depending on your needs and budget, our Events as a Service solution can help you develop any, all, or a combination of digital events services below:

  • The strategy and story
    How is your event different from your competitors’ events? What will someone gain by attending? How are you going to switch to a digital-first event strategy?
  • The broadcast environment
    How will your speakers and support staff engage with the attendees? Will you host your speakers at your offices, in a studio, at home, or offsite?
  • The delivery
    How will you host and deliver your event? What features do want your event platform to offer? Will all your sessions be live streamed, or do you want to incorporate pre-recorded content?
  • The community
    Who are you inviting to attend? How will you engage them before your event? How do you keep the conversation going post-event?
  • The performance
    How will you measure the event’s success? What lessons learned or best practices should you capture and carry over to future digital events?
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Our process

We consult with you on how to shift, grow, or change your event experience approach for an online format. During initial discovery sessions, we will establish what your long-term goals are as well as any immediate event challenges you are facing. We then offer you tailored service options based on your needs and your budget.

Some of the services we can activate for your event include:

  • Content creation
    We can help you with creating presentations for your event, coaching your presenters, audio/video capture of your speakers for broadcast, adapting existing content to make it more engaging or interactive, and creating new animations or video to suit a digital event format. 
  • Event planning and strategy
    We can create the overall event story, help you select a platform with the right features for your needs, design gamification opportunities to build attendee engagement, bring in guest speakers to help build authority for your event, suggest panel topics and poster sessions, and recommend possible partnership or sponsorship opportunities for your digital conference. 
  • Advertising and promotion
    Options here include social media promotion, paid search advertising, display advertising, media buys for advertising, account-based marketing (ABM) to reach attendee prospects at selected companies, email promotions (using your owned list or partnering with an industry publication), designing a registration landing page optimized for SEO and conversion, and sending regular reminders to registrants to attend once the event goes live. 
  • Event logistics
    Whether you choose to have your speakers record in your location, their location, or our location, our production technology can go where you need us. We can also manage the event platform during go-live; monitor Q&A, chat, polls, or other attendee feedback in real time; explore and support the monetization of your virtual event if you choose to go that route; and provide personalization options for attendees.
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Managed events | World Fuel Services

Accelerate the launch of your virtual event without the challenges of managing attendance, presenters, content, and post-event activities. From webinars to multi-day experiences, enjoy a streamlined hosting experience with a turnkey solution from a partner who handles all the event logistics for you.

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Aggregated portal | HP + West Coast Customs

Blending the best aspects of online and in-person experiences, fans of HP and West Coast Customs could track the well-known auto customization shop’s nationwide tour in person and online. Live webcam feeds and social integrations brought the excitement into the digital space while the in-person event took to the streets.

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Virtualization | SNC Lavalin

Content for online meetings can live beyond the day(s) of the event while continuing to provide valuable data in terms of views and visits. A virtualized environment allows people to safely visit a digital plant or production facilities, at any time and from anywhere in the world. Bring your online location to life for your audience with rich, immersive tours and interactive demonstrations.

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Production management | HPE

In addition to strategy and content development, bringing your story to life in a wide variety of production environments, real or virtual venues, and delivery mechanisms adds polish to all-live events. Full management of your full event or key sessions — with comprehensive oversight of the people, technology, and content resources — ensures that your presentations become performances.