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As an agency, we are quite the catch. Smart, witty, talented, and damn good-looking. Just like our couch. You’ll see. Our couch videos speak for themselves.


Social Tendencies

Do you tweet constantly? Post pics of your lunch on Instagram? Troll Facebook? (Don’t worry, we won’t tell.) Well, we’re equally obsessed. Check out all of our social media posts, all in one sweet spot. And, hey, if you wanted to like one of our pages, we wouldn’t stop you.

Love Is on the Air.

Love songs have long replaced love poems as the go-to medium for expressing...

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What Every Adceteran Is Watching This New Year

While we are patiently awaiting the 2017 media viewing polls, Nielson has c...

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Strategic. Creative. People.

Adcetera is a 35-year-old, Houston-based advertising agency made up of the most strategic, most creative people on the planet. Our nearly 90-member team of designers, writers, programmers, animators, strategists, and account service people work like dogs to create memorable content for brands around the world.

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We work with some of the biggest brands on some of their biggest projects (AIG, DOW, HP, HPE, and Sysco) as well as some of the best brands headquartered in our own backyard (Texas Children’s Hospital, High Fashion Home, and Memorial Hermann). Many of our relationships — with our employees and our clients — span decades. We are blessed and we are proud — proud of the work we do and the brands for whom we speak. If what is important to us is important to you, let’s start a conversation. Call or drop in. Our doors are open and our phones are on.