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Deliver seamless and relevant experiences with a DXP

Implement your customer intimacy marketing strategy and enhance conversions at every phase of customer’s path to purchase.

What is DXP?

A digital experience platform (DXP) integrates a suite of tools that allow you to create a clearer view of every customer. It bundles personalization, marketing automation, social media, marketing media, marketing intelligence and other data collection tools so you can increase customer intimacy, leverage finer data insights, and communicate with your customers in an even more personal, effective way. The result? You can generate more leads, nurture prospects better, and drive conversions to support your marketing and sales funnel strategies.


DXP Diagram


Maturing the DXP

Adcetera partners with you to start, use, and mature the DXP platform to maximize your return on investment. Our professionals can help with marketing program assessments, forecasting, strategy and implementation to help you achieve measurable results.

Acquia Approved

Adcetera has three certifications from Acquia, one of which is the designation of Acquia Certified DXP Practice.

The Acquia Practice Certification Program awards partners who demonstrate a mastery of Acquia’s Cloud Platform in three separate areas of expertise: Drupal Cloud, Marketing Cloud and DXP. These certifications are given to organizations with a proven record of technical achievement and a commitment to driving business engagements on the Acquia platform.

Acquia certified Drupal cloud practice badge

Drupal Cloud Certification

Certifies we provide outstanding solutions on Acquia’s Drupal Cloud.

Acquia certified marketing practice badge full

Marketing Cloud Certification

Highlights that we provide outstanding solutions using Campaign Studio, Personalization & Acquia CDP. Consultative engagements that transform businesses.

DXP Badge ADC Site

DXP Cloud Certification

The highest level of certification, awarded to partners with a proven record of delivering transformative business experience using both Marketing and Drupal cloud.

Going Above and Beyond

Adcetera’s DXP experience extends beyond the Acquia products. Our team includes experts in Adobe Experience Cloud, Salesforce Cloud and Marketing Cloud, and category specialty tools such as Dynamics 365, Eloqua, social tools, and more.

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