Adcetera's content licensing services deliver found revenue to publishers.

Ever wondered what exactly content licensing is? We're here to demystify the subject and answer some frequently asked questions.

For licensees:

What is earned media?

Earned media can be defined as content endorsed by an independent third party. Expert testing and reviews, word-of-mouth recommendations, customer reviews and testimonials, and award nominations are all common forms of earned media. In effect, any exposure generated from an unbiased, unpaid source is earned media.

What is the importance of earned media? How can I use earned media to generate revenue for my business?

According to a study from Nielsen, 85% of consumers trust recommendations from earned media. Why do consumers trust earned media? Put simply, credibility.

What is more, trust correlates to revenue. According to a study from Forrester, 67% of respondents take action at least some of the time based on earned media recommendations. By extension, 53% of respondents in Edelman’s Annual Brand Trust survey indicate that trust is the second-most important factor when purchasing a product. Leveraging earned media from a reputable organization can unfurl an often-hidden emotional cue to purchase.

My company earned a nomination from a prestigious consumer-intelligence company. Can I use the company’s logo in my marketing collateral?

For commercial use of trademarked content, which many company logos are, you need permission from the trademark owner to do so. The trademark owner may grant conditional access to the trademarked content for a fee. Once the trademark owner grants conditional access, you may use the trademarked content in your marketing collateral per the terms of your agreement.

Adcetera’s team of experienced content licensing professionals can help you make the most of your award. As part of an award-winning creative agency, our team can help you design in-store displays, product packaging, print and digital media assets, and much more.

What constitutes permissible use?

The terms of agreements vary. To preserve the integrity of the trademarked or copyright-protected content, the trademark owner may limit its permissible use. Adcetera’s team of experienced content licensing professionals can help customize a licensing agreement based on your specific needs.

For how long can I use the company’s logo under a typical agreement?

The length of agreements also vary. Typical contracts grant conditional use for a period of one year. Adcetera’s team of experienced content licensing professionals can help customize a licensing agreement based on your specific needs.

For publishers or other licensors:

Can Adcetera help me create a content licensing program using my current content?

Yes, Adcetera’s team of experienced content licensing professionals can set up content licensing programs at no cost to the original content holder. We help you find revenue by prospecting placement opportunities you never knew you had.

“Adcetera can help me find revenue.” What does that mean?

Your content holds value. Adcetera’s team of content licensing professionals helps you extract your content’s value by prospecting companies that could benefit from your content. Here’s an example scenario: a College Top Ranking Report ranks Southwest Central State as 38th nationally. Seeking to promote that ranking, the college wishes to use the College Top Ranking Report’s name and branding in its marketing materials. To do so, they must obtain the license. Adcetera would contact Southwest Central State on College Top Ranking Report’s behalf to facilitate the agreement and enforce usage.

How does Adcetera sell opportunities specific to my company’s brand? As a publisher, do I need to prospect?

Adcetera’s team provides an end-to-end content licensing solution. Our team of experienced sales professionals do the prospecting so you don’t have to. We seek out partnerships that provide a mutual benefit.

Can Adcetera help me increase the value of my brand’s assets?

Yes, the synergistic nature of our service offerings can help you bolster the value of your publisher offering. By increasing readership and general awareness of your content programs, Adcetera’s team of content licensing professionals can often procure a higher royalty.

What is Adcetera Licensing Plus?

Adcetera Licensing Plus is our end-to-end solution for publishers looking to generate additional revenue streams from existing content. Contact our team today to learn more details about the program.

How do I get started?

To get started with your own content licensing program, contact our content licensing team today.

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