When you have professional copywriters in your corner, not only do you have their powers of persuasion, but you also have their expertise on a whole slew of other fronts.

If content is king, then whoever creates the most takes the hill—right? Well, not exactly. Obviously, there’s more to the content story than delivering volume, or else every blowhard would have hundreds of thousands of followers and the rest of us could quietly ignore them as they cash in on the advertising. It’s tempting to take shortcuts, but your business depends on persuading folks with complicated situations to consider your solution and give you a call. That’s what professional copywriters do best.

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When you have professional copywriters in your corner, not only do you have their powers of persuasion, but you also have their expertise on a whole slew of other fronts. They will help you master your message, driving your business forward with content that puts you ahead of your competitors.

Here’s a bit of advice on what your content should accomplish:

Tell Stories

When selling your solution, it’s not enough to just tell people what it does. You need to connect with your potential client on a human level—both rationally AND emotionally. A good copywriter will craft a story that demonstrates your understanding of the customer’s situation, their challenges, and their values. This helps the customer to personally identify with the case you’re describing, having an emotional impact that makes your offering more appealing.

Be Interesting

Selling is a conversation, and if all you talk about is you, your customers are going to tune you out. What will get their attention is a fresh perspective on the challenges they’re facing. A professional copywriter will help you articulate the high points with just enough detail to engage your customer’s imagination: they need to see themselves in what you’re selling.

Demonstrate Value

As for your brand promises, you need to take a step back and kick the tires—for real. Imagine for a moment that the customer is buying a car from you. You wouldn’t expect them to just listen to a “this is how great we are” monologue and sign on the dotted line. Not a chance. A professional copywriter will uncover and articulate the proof points that demonstrate how your car is the best—and only—car for them.

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Empathize Your Way to Sales Success

You know that business is all about relationships, and relationships require some degree of mutual understanding to thrive. That means to build meaningful connections with your customers, you’ll need some empathy. In fact, years of field research into the characteristics of successful salesmanship have led to one basic tenet: “The ability to feel as the other fellow does in order to be able to sell him a product or service must be possessed in large measure.” Copywriters have an insatiable drive to understand people. They ask the right questions to develop an authentic portrait of your customer so they can deliver what the customer really wants.

Know That AI Is a Tool, Not a Panacea

AI tools such as ChatGPT and Google’s Bard are fascinatingly powerful and awe-inspiringly fast. But as yet, there’s no sign of truly intelligent life. Copywriters (including ours) are exploring the potential of AI for accelerating ideation and maximizing fuel for brainstorming. But so far, when it comes to real creativity (let alone empathy, context-awareness, and strategy), the seams are showing all over. All that is to say, though—watch this space!

At Adcetera, we’ve got a full bench of professional copywriters with decades of experience delivering content that gets results. We use a multi-step, tried-and-true process to learn what makes your business stand out, and then develop the right story to bring droves of new clients to your door. If growth is your objective, then sprucing up your content—with the help of a seasoned professional—should be part of the plan.

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