Adcetera Partners with Navori

Digital signage is an effective and practical conduit for delivering consistent and timely content across distributed, open-area environments. Adcetera selected and serves as an implementation partner for digital signage software provider, Navori Inc. With a defined solution in hand, our dedicated team of Navori-certified developers and technicians work with you to set up and roll out your entire digital signage network. From hardware and software setup and template development to user training and ongoing support, our team helps your team deliver an effective digital signage solution.

Adcetera digital signage services include:

  • Content requirements review, brainstorming, and development of content plans
  • UI and UX wireframe development of passive and interactive touch screen experiences
  • Creative visual design mockups
  • Video production and 3D animation to create rich video experiences
  • Copywriting to develop engaging industry-related content
  • HTML5 coding for custom templates
  • Advanced coding for weather, news and stock feeds, and custom integrations
  • Hardware acquisition, setup, and installation
  • Navori software licensing
  • Content management and technical training
  • Navori maintenance and support

Navori is a world-class software publisher focused on delivering professional-grade and user-friendly software since 1997.