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Trim, or makeover?

Market Street The Woodlands is an indoor-outdoor retail experience in the heart of The Woodlands, 30 miles north of downtown Houston and one of the nation’s fastest-growing exurban communities. Adcetera has worked with Market Street since its opening, but in the ten years since, a number of competing retail opportunities have sprung up in the area — including traditional mall mainstays and new mixed-use concepts.

When they approached us about a refresh to their logo, we saw a larger challenge. After commissioning research into shopper perceptions of Market Street and their competitors — and cross-referencing against Market Street’s own shopper data — we recommended not only a visual redesign, but also a full strategic repositioning: as a hub of the community that's high-end without being haughty, and sophisticated without being stuffy. A place to see and be seen.

Market Street logo
Example images of Market Street promotional campaign as visuals in the middle of the street
Collage of images with Market Street young woman in print, web, and examples of color palettes used for images
Market Street video promo thumbnail
Market Street website mockup on a desktop monitor
Example of Market Street campaign in a bus stop.
Market Street promotional printed materials example
Market Street billboard in the middle of a street that reads in bold letters: "Same spot. New style."


Large billboard with Market Street campaign reading "We're getting a makeover! Spring 2019"
Tile - Credentials - Market Street