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Go behind the scenes

Business PCs have a hard life — in airports, in cafes, in briefcases, on desks, and in the boardroom. HP puts their high-performance personal computers through an extensive testing regime called the HP Total Test Process. As part of this stringent process, testing units undergo 120,000 hours of multi-tiered testing and validation procedures including, 50,000 test steps with 240 industry-standard hardware and software products tested for compatibility. Products are exposed to rigorous conditions such as harsh drops, vibration, temperature extremes, and more.

To show this process in action, Adcetera took potential buyers behind the scenes of the testing lab, combining 360-degree augmented video of HP Labs with immersive virtual reality technology that lets them experience the lengths to which HP goes to ensure real-world reliability.

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Young guy with VR headset looking to one side with a team in the background looking at presentation and a title that reads: "Interactive 360 VR"
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