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Design your own gallery

In the gaming world, some of the most popular and longest-lasting titles allow for — and encourage —what they call “modding.” This means players, fans, and aspiring game developers make adjustments to settings, environments, characters, and storylines. And that’s the approach we’ve taken with Adcetera Virtual Reality (AVR).

Adcetera Virtual Reality logo
Example of how Adcetera's VR museum is organized and sample screenshot

We built a virtual building, much like a museum or art gallery, with a lobby, a welcome desk, even a tour guide. Viewers can go to the elevator and visit a variety of floors, each with its own exhibits (and some with pretty off-the-wall content). We let our clients mod AVR to showcase their latest star products, relaunch their brands, and visit their own virtual galleries at events, online, in corporate boardrooms, and in client meetings.

AVR promo video thumbnail
VR image mockup of Adcetera projects on a wall in the middle of a virtual lobby
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