When oil and gas conferences are a public arena where brands compete for attention, visibility is absolutely vital to the success of your business.

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Energy companies are in transition from the dated, grungy, industrial giants of the past to the progressive, clean, high-tech enterprises of the future. Shifting public perception happens bit by bit — one ad, one commercial, one trade show at a time. Designing and communicating a consistent, coherent message can help make your transition more convincing.

Conferences and trade shows play a crucial role in the energy business. They provide important opportunities for engineers and executives to network with other industry professionals, learn about new trends and technologies, and acquire new resources — and above all, attract new customers. In oil and gas, especially, there are major events almost every month. OTC, DUG, NAPE ... maintaining a strong presence at these conferences is a critical part of doing business in the energy sector, staying ahead of the competition and generating new business.

Making a positive, lasting impression at conferences doesn’t happen by accident. You need to recognize how important these events are for your brand and reputation. You need to formulate an event strategy. And you need to commit resources as if the future of your business depended on it. It very well might.

Three steps to a successful event strategy

How do you bring audiences to your booth? What will they find irresistible? When you have their attention, what will satisfy their expectations? A successful event strategy will compel, captivate, and capture your target audience.

  1. Compel
    Thousands of companies compete for recognition in the crowded oil and gas market. You’ve got to stand out. More than that, you’ve got to stand out in a way that attracts the audience you want. From one-of-a-kind booth designs to innovative and immersive multimedia experiences, the right approach is the one that speaks to your target audience, commands their interest, and compels their attention.
  2. Captivate
    Once you have the right people in your booth, you have to keep them there long enough to convey your message. You can accomplish that with something as simple as a comfortable chair and a good cup of coffee. Or you can make your point with informative demos, interactive touchscreens, or innovative AR and VR experiences. Just make sure you hold their attention long enough to make your pitch.
  3. Capture
    Your main objective here is to gather contact information from potential customers. It might be possible to sell your latest product or service right there on the spot — but more likely, this engagement is just the first step toward building a solid relationship. Capturing good information for future marketing efforts is how you measure success for your booth and your overall demand generation strategy.
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The right strategy needs the right partner

A smart strategy anchored in new experiences can help you make the connections — and sales — that will drive opportunities and accelerate your return on investment. Deciding on a strategy is your first challenge. Executing it is the next one.

Event spaces and experiences are investments like any other. You need to know what you’re getting into before you can expect a decent return on your investment. Any number of agencies in Houston and across the country can provide new brochures and pop-up banners, but there’s a big difference between newly designed and well-designed.

Event marketing doesn’t have to break your budget; innovation doesn’t have to be expensive. You may already have the resources to make a powerful, immersive experience at your next event. Existing video assets can be modified and repurposed into a memorable, effective asset to engage audiences at your next event, or combined with simple interactivity into a tool you can use in person or online.

Adcetera has the expertise and resources to deliver a wide range of outside-the-box concepts that elevate your convention presence above the ordinary—from innovative booth designs to multimedia displays to interactive experiences. We can design and deliver solutions that help you compel, captivate, and capture your audience.

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