We’ve Got Our Hearts Set on You

Every year around this time, we are all subjected to the polarizing force of Saint Valentine’s Day. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds are filled with outrageously saccharine status updates about head-over-heels love, undying romances, elaborate dates, and chocolate-covered — well — everything. Others are more cynical, even a little jaded, by Valentine’s Day. They boycott it altogether and even adopt its alternate moniker, “Singles Awareness Day.”

Here in the shop, we like to think we’ve got our priorities straight, focusing instead on that one true love — food. So instead of waxing romantic, we decided to depart from the normal ooey-gooey, lovey-dovey mushy stuff this year and we cooked up a little something new for Valentine’s Day.

Meet: The ValenTinies

Valentine’s Day has certainly never been cuter or more delectable. This tiny group of friends loves to bake up new ways to brighten anyone’s day. They can even help you out if you’re running out of Valentine’s shopping time. Just click on a character name below (or all of them) to download an absurdly adorable and customizable Valentine’s Day card! Give them to friends. Give them to loved ones! Heck — give one to yourself. Go on. You deserve it.

  1. Stud Muffin
    The de facto heartthrob of the group, Stud Muffin is no cupcake. He flexes his muscles (and his amazing mustache) in his attempts to win over Cutie Pie.
  2. Dream Boat
    Dream Boat works so hard to make sure that Valentine’s Day is the best day of the year that he sleeps nearly half of the rest of the year just to recover.
  3. Puppy Love
    He loves you. He loves you with all his heart. Won’t you be his?
  4. Cutie Pie
    Because she’s 50% awesome, 50% fantastic and 100% certain to never flake out, Cutie Pie always carves out time to make Valentine’s Day deliciously wonderful.

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