We Want Your Blood (Donation)

There’s a vampire lurking on the corner of 3000 Louisiana in Midtown, and it wants your blood — or, more specifically, your blood donation.

Unlike traditional vampires of legend and lore, our vampire wasn’t created by a sinister bite or a malevolent spirit. It was brought to life by Houston artist Sebastien Boileau. Commonly known as “Mr. D,” French-born Boileau has been painting Houston and other city streets for years. As the founder of Eyeful Art, Mr. D leads a team of incredibly talented street artists who work with architects, designers, schools, and major companies to create unique artwork specific to their industry or cause. The secret to Mr. D’s success lives in his specialized painting techniques and unique creative process. Together, these two qualities have ascended Mr. D to the top of Houston’s street art scene, and transformed Houston’s concrete jungle into a canvas filled with color, creativity, and imagination.

Mr. D’s portfolio is spread throughout Houston’s city limits. From the Love You mural in Midtown, to the Kingspoint Mullet building on the Houston’s Southside, to the Mars-themed Texas Direct Auto building downtown — Mr. D’s presence is felt in colorful creations that provide a unique angle to Houston’s multicultural personality. They are expressive and fun; energetic and interpretive; they are, amongst other things, representative of this beautiful city and the beautiful people who call Houston home.

The Bloody Truth

Designed by our very own Adceterans and brought to life by Mr. D, The Bloody Truth is a 20ʹ x 20ʹ mural located on the corner of Louisiana St. and Rosalie St. The concept represents the haunting truth presented by the shortage of blood supply for those in need of blood donations and blood transfusions. The purpose of the mural is to raise awareness of the ongoing blood shortage and encourage blood donations via social media posts featuring #thebloodytruth.

We Need Your Bloody Help

Stop by Adcetera this Tuesday, October 25, to check out the mural in person and help give life to Houston this Halloween season. Sign up to donate now at thebloodytruth.org, hashtag #thebloodytruth to show your support, and follow Mr. D on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms @mrd1987.

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