VR Pioneers: Travel and Destination Brands

The travel industry “gets” virtual reality. The technology may still be in its infancy for some, but that hasn’t kept travel marketers from seizing the opportunity and realizing its benefits. The travel industry is pioneering virtual reality marketing.

Just take a look at some of the destination brands already employing the technology with 3D imagery and curated experiences.

Marriott: The global hotel company created not one, but multiple VR experiences that it offers to its customers. VR Postcards and Vroom Service allow guests to immerse themselves in the adventurous travel experiences of other guests. 

Ultimate Jet Vacations: A Miami-based wholesaler that connects travel advisors with hoteliers, Ultimate Jet Vacations is creating a booth in its office that’s dedicated to 360-degree photography and video.

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts: This luxury hotel group sees VR as an effective sales tool. The company was among the first to incorporate VR into worldwide hotel sales efforts, producing original 360-degree videos of its properties and outfitting all of its global sales offices with headsets.

While other industries are still figuring out the relevance of VR and how it applies to their marketing efforts, travel brands are ahead of the curve, leveraging VR technology and exploiting its immersive capabilities.



Image Credit:Global Hospitality Portal

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