The Secret Is Almost Out

We’re three weeks into December at Adcetera. Our Halloween festivities are a pumpkin-spiced memory; our Thanksgiving Feast, a fried-turkey-stuffed dream. With two major holiday events behind us, what could possibly be left to look forward to?

Only the best tradition of the Adcetera Holiday Season, that’s all!

Need a hint? It’s a “secret.”

Still not getting it? Then I refer you to an obligatory seasonal riff on “The Night Before Christmas.”

‘Twas three weeks before Christmas and all through the shop,

Every Adceteran was buzzing about the yearly gift swap.

The stockings were hung by the printers with care,

In hopes that Secret Santa soon would be there.

Yep. It’s SECRET SANTA time! For those unfamiliar with the concept, it’s simple. During our Homage to the Meat Sweats known as Adcetera’s Thanksgiving Feast, everyone lines up to draw a name from a hat. Actually, it’s not a hat, but a ceramic pig with a hat. But that’s not important.

The name drawn becomes your target for holiday high jinks: thoughtful gifts, homemade treats, handmade knickknacks, desk decorations, etc. The catch, so to speak, is to not get caught delivering gifts.

So why all of the sneaking around? It’s all about the fun and glory of not being caught. And then there are prizes to be had. What better motivations are there in the world? Aside from surprising and delighting fellow Adceterans, the person voted Best Secret Santa is crowned victor and given an award. There’s also a prize for accurately identifying the most Secret Santas in the office, so the traps and tricks can get a little elaborate. One year, someone who shall remain nameless even hid webcams around the building to spy on Secret Santas in action. Necessary disclaimer: the webcams have since been removed.

The gifts tend to get elaborate and creative, too. This year’s range from cool little figures, trinkets, candy, full desk wraps and decorations, to a full sized Justin Bieber cutout and a garbage bag full of tortilla chips. Bring on the salsa!

The Secret Santa madness all comes to a glorious yuletide conclusion the week of the company Christmas party, when we all get together to find out who our Secret Santa is – and to find out who identified the most Secret Santas.

But that’s not the real goal behind Secret Santa. Sure, competition is fun and prizes are great. But the best part of Secret Santa is getting to know each other just a little bit better during the holiday season. And isn’t that the best gift of all?

We think so. Happy holidays everyone!

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