Swatch It Up

For over 145 years, Sherwin-Williams has led the worldwide paint and coatings industry, but a few years ago, its consumer/retail division found itself in dire need of a major brand refresh — and what better channel to leverage than DIY?

We live in an age where DIY platforms and marketplaces, such as Pinterest and Etsy, are touchstones in the cultural mainstream, so it really is no wonder why it’s become extremely lucrative for retailers specializing in materials and supplies. From IKEA hacking to just about everything on HGTV, DIYers not only understand the power of imagination, but also the satisfaction of transforming inspiration into reality.

Chip it good

The “Color Chips” campaign, which features highly imaginative, kaleidoscopic landscapes composed entirely of Sherwin-Williams paint chips, contemporized the brand with a highly creative look at the possibilities of paint. These TV ads take viewers on immersive adventures throughout the world—terrains, cultures, seasons, and even everyday mundanities — and skillfully draw out the deep emotional connection between paint and creation.

In a nutshell, Sherwin-Williams went from “that paint store” to a desirable destination for anyone looking to make their dreams a reality. It’s evocative. It’s beautiful. It works.

Primed for success

In a world of big ideas and endless brand refreshes, the last thing you want to do is to stray too far from your established brand equity or overcomplicate your story. Often times, you don’t even need to look far from home for the answer: let the product tell its own story. Sherwin-Williams didn’t know it then, but it was already primed for future success in the DIY market.

Now, excuse me while I repaint my home…

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