Quality over Quantity

We came across something recently that piqued our interest:

“… not everything that can be counted counts. Not everything that counts can be counted.”
William Bruce Cameron

This is especially true of experiential marketing. You can count the number of views or the number of likes on social media, but you may never see any further results. Or you can duplicate every aspect of a previous success and not see it go anywhere.

People want an authentic experience, and the thing that differentiates these authentic experiences from everything else is quality.

Specifically, quality time.

 Customers should interact and engage with your brand in such a way that shows how your business is relevant to their lives. What matters isn’t where they were or what they saw so much as what they did and how they felt.

That’s why millions of people went out of their way to watch a man fall to Earth from the stratosphere, which was so exciting that they talked about it for weeks — which was a win for Red Bull and effectively put GoPro on map.

Similarly, just a few people were frightened in person by a telekinetic event in a coffee shop. But more than 60 million others watched and shared the video because it was fun and clever, which helped garner $85 million at the box office for a mediocre movie (at best).

Adcetera is helping brands reach customers in authentic ways, too. Our store-in-store designs — like the ones we’ve done for HP — are more than just well-designed spaces that highlight products. In these experiential environments, consumers get to interact with devices and products in a space that has the same warmth and style as their homes or local coffee shops. This changes the way consumers feel about the brand because they can envision it as part of their lives. The number of exposures can be counted, but the quality time immersed in the experience is what counts.

Strategic. Creative. People.

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