New Year's Word Resolutions

Each year, new trendy words tend to pop up and circulate around the office, typically becoming annoyingly overused. When I asked for some suggestions for words we should ban in the New Year (much like the list Time offered), I received quite a few nominations. Here are just a few (well, seven) of the many words we’d love to strike from all vocabularies, in and out of the office.

Experience. Commonly an advertising industry term, the “consumer experience” has been paramount to our output. But when everything’s become an experience, is it really an experience?

Content. “It’s important that we give good content” is as redundant as reminding your team to breathe air. It’s also generic beyond description.

Leverage. Getting to leverage work from a previous job can be great, but it’s not always efficient, nor does it always cut down on the work required to get the job done. So “leveraging” isn’t always a blessing, though it’s often presented that way, and we mean often.

Value-adding. A majority of the time, we (humans in general) work to produce something of value. It’s not necessary to specify that we need to add value to something we may be working on. Come on, guys!

Phablet. Unfortunately, this is a “thing.” Need we really say more?

Organic. The organic movement has been around for decades and, until recently, was a pleasant background note. Now it’s organic this and organic that. An organic thought for once would be nice.

YOLO. “You only live once” should only have lived once. We all know we should “live in the moment,” so we get it, Drake, but we’re ready to stop using this as a justification to do stupid things.

Then these two bonus words we feel need a time out rather than the complete banishment treatment.

Literally. We should literally put “literally” in the time-out corner. Useful in its practical sense, this word has been used and abused in 2014 and deserves some rehabilitation time before making a comeback.

Unique. This word just isn’t unique anymore. It’s time to give it a rest.

Other words we’d love to quietly retire include: Venn diagram, bucket list, ASAP, detox, kale, paleo, cleanse, WOD, swag, selfie, like, totes, old school, guru, ultimate, bemused, hopefully, social media, and anything you feel like abbreviating.

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