Love Is on the Air.

Love songs have long replaced love poems as the go-to medium for expressing our feelings. Think about it. The last time you suffered a romantic setback or felt an intense crush, did you reach for a leather-bound volume of poetry? No. You immediately got to work on a playlist.

This idea is what drove our agency to create limited-edition Valentine’s Day cards. Each card features a beautifully designed quote expressing a touching thought about love and relationships, as you would expect. The twist? These soft sentiments all come from some of the hardest names in Rock-n-Roll — RATT, Judas Priest, Quiet Riot, Guns-n-Roses.

If you do your research (and by that I mean spend 15 minutes on Google), you will see that there is much confusion over how heavy metal bands got into the love ballad business. No one can really say who did it first. Regardless of how it happened, the craze has left us with a veritable treasure trove of sappy lyrics to choose from. The hard part was picking only four for our cards.

The exercise did get us thinking, though. Everyone has a favorite love song — a song that takes you back to that first meeting, to that first kiss, or to the very moment you first realized that love is, in fact, a battlefield (thank you, Pat Benatar).

So we opened things up to the entire office. We asked people to send us the love songs that speak to them most. Not necessarily heavy metal, but from hip-hop, R&B, country, and more. We expected our playlist to be as diverse and creative as the people who work here.

What we came up with is quite remarkable. And it goes to show you that if heavy metal bands can have a soft side, then creative agencies can, too.

Keep the good vibes flowing this Valentine’s Day and have a listen. Who knows? Maybe one of these songs will end up being the soundtrack to that special moment when you realize your heart has found its perfect match. 

As a bunch of hopeless romantics, we certainly hope so.

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all.

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