Its Not a Llama

It’s a lonely desk that sits unadorned, devoid of tchotchkes, deprived of personality. From piles of papers to slivers of snacks, things appear on and disappear from desks throughout the hectic workday. But a desk is a whirlwind lacking deeper meaning without those personal displays of home and hobby — family pictures, birthday cards, bits of odds and ends.

Adceteran desks are not bereft of that deeper meaning. Our tchotchkes give us character and showcase our spunk. Needless to say, there’s a lot of weird shit scattered around the office.

The desk of Lisa Huu Nguyen (pronounced, not ironically, “Lisa You Win”), one of Adcetera’s talented production/designer hybrids, is not an exception. Along with her Shelf of Wonders — a collection of cool tchotchkes and toys — the occasional passerby might notice the stuffed animal that lords over her various jobs and assignments. At first glance, he may look like a marshmallow or a cloud wearing a little blue tie. Even with a closer inspection, many ask if he’s a sheep. But no; the little furry buddy that currently shares Lisa’s desk is Kuraray’s own Maru the alpaca.

And Maru is a chatterbox when you take a moment to stop by and hold his hoof. He delightedly chirps about his company “Chikyu Kai Kai,” “or a company that takes on the challenge of solving global problems” when you give him a squeeze. This little alpaca also stars in a couple of fun, quirky commercials with live alpaca, Kuraray-chan, and actress, Riko Narumi, to promote the Kuraray name.

As of late, this tchotchke slash celebrity has been sporting a pair of sunglasses as well as a handcrafted origami hat — fashioned by Lisa — in hopes of avoiding unnecessary press. He is also known for changing desk-mates every few months, seeking to provide inspiration, much like Kuraray, to as many others as his stubby little legs can take him.

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