It’s Election Season — and It’s a Doozy

From cable TV to YouTube, from the Facebook wall to the Twittersphere, we are all witnessing, for better or for worse, every single inspirational, awkward, hilarious, cringe-inducing moment of the 2016 race for the White House. That’s right, people. “Superdelegates” are this year’s

Hanging Chad,” and America — nay — the entire world sits mesmerized by the daily cluster cuss that is this election cycle.

And why not? It’s been a mind-blowing buffet of both political intrigue and entertainment; a veritable smorgasbord of punditry, pageantry and promises. It’s been yuuuuuuge! The emails! The millionaires and billionaires! And who doesn’t love a little “Marketing-in-Chief?”

From the get-go, we’ve had one of the most disparate fields of candidates in history. And oh, what candidates. There are more characters in this race than a season of Game of Thrones. It’s definitely made for amazing for television with at least four fictitious presidential elections raging even as we speak. What we wouldn’t give to see the Frank UnderwoodSelina Meyer ticket.

Even some popular brands have cashed in on the action, though some have been a little more obvious than others.

Back in December of 2015, we took a look around at the mayhem and decided that we needed our own candidate — one we can believe in. Now. TODAY! And not to sound braggadocious, we went ahead and made our own nomination for the highest office in the land. It’s none other than our very own Flip Gibson: THE MOTIVATIONATOR™

After another successful year on the Motivationating trail — including bringing home some hardware from the American Advertising Federation awards — Flip decided to hit the campaign trail. He’s throwing his hat, glasses and his collection of fine menswear into the political arena to serve as your next Motivationator™-in-Chief!

We launched Flip’s bid with a new landing page design and a campaign announcement video, which included the introduction of an all-new character, Flip’s campaign manager Ripley McGuff.

So if you are pro-awesome, Flip is here.

If you’re in favor of time travel — and we’re going to have the best time travel — Flip is here.

If you’re ready for a more motivationated America right now, TODAY, Flip is here.

We’ve had presidents before. Maybe what this country needs now is Flip Gibson: THE MOTIVATIONATOR™.

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