Experience Marketing the Interactive Way

Imagine sitting in your executive suite, preparing yet another quarterly business review while juggling a thousand and one other tasks. You take a sip of coffee and catch a quick glance at your phone notifications when a small square package is dropped on your desk. Could it be a watch? You open it to find a sleek black cube sporting nothing but a “Start/Stop engine” button on one side. The last thing you’re thinking about is buying a new car but allure of what-happens-next is too much—and too clever—for you to pass up. You press the button which initiates a 90-minute countdown timer and sends a GPS signal to Audi. After precisely 90 minutes, a new Audi A8 is delivered for a 24-hour test drive. Audi has literally put you, a very exclusive and often hard-to-please client, in the driver’s seat. With a 100 percent response rate and 24 percent sales rate, the program more than likely more than paid for itself.

Creative experience marketing concepts coupled with ever-shrinking interactive technologies opens up a realm of new possibilities. Macy’s Magic Mirrors have been around since 2010, and you’ve got to think that Google’s purchase of machine-learning company Moodstocks, the blending of  traditional retail merchandising experiences and online shopping will dive even deeper—after training its recognition software using 15,000 photos of shoes from an online retailer’s website, Moodstocks claimed to be able to shop online for all the sneakers on sale in a Macy’s store. And did someone say bacon? Oscar Mayer has developed an add-on phone alarm that releases the smell of bacon. Sometimes, the simple and subtle engagements are blowing in the wind, serendipitously grabbing a slice of mindshare during peoples’ daily routines in places and at times when they least expect it—for example, while waiting for a train.

So, what makes these types of marketing campaigns successful? They serve up and personalize the interaction between a company’s offerings and they’re consumers, but in a memorable, very immersive way. They often engage multiple senses and a person’s surroundings, prompting an experience with a product or service in ways and places we aren’t used to. This is profoundly powerful to consumers who live in a world where so much is becoming digitalized. Paradoxical too is the notion that digital experiences can actually be more personal and engaging than interactions with traditional mediums.

Image Source: www.new-is-normal.com

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