Chili, Dawg

Well, we did it. The 5th Annual Adcetera Chili Cook-off went off without a hitch without anyone getting seriously injured. We are not counting the small grease fire; the chicken and waffles were worth it.

Congratulations to the Chillionaires for their People’s Choice win and to the Dirty Birds for their dual-category win.Jess and Roy “manned” the pot, while the rest of the girls provided team support.

Highlights of the day:

  • Sarah’s Americana outfit. Flag? Check. Hat with clapping hands holding flags? Check. Eagle named George Lincoln on shoulder? Check. Shirt with Abraham Lincoln riding a grizzly holding the Emancipation Proclamation AND a machine gun? Check yeah!
  • Karaoke. Oh God the karaoke.
  • Matt brushing off his baseball-bat juggling skills.
  • John Arnold dancing, ballerina-style to Like a Virgin. And also chicken-style. And also twerking. Basically, John Arnold dancing to anything.
  • The most glorious English retriever, St. Nicholas.
  • Most creative interpretation of the rules: Poultryheist. They set fire (literally) to the cookoff. And they got my vote.
  • Live band setting the perfect hillbilly, blue-grassy mood.
  • Chicks, man.
  • The Chillionaires’ VIP tent, complete with velvet ropes and sense of exclusivity.
  • No rain! Despite being the ONE day of the week with an 80% chance of rain, the day turned out just sunny and cool enough to make an afternoon eating chili perfectly wonderful.

So that’s all. We hung out. We had fun. And our chili was perhaps the best ever. At the end of the day, we pretty much all won.2

  1. But we know the writers were the true chili champions. Our line of repeat customers and empty pot proved it.
  2. But mostly the writers.

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