Better Blogging for Better Business

Nowadays, social media is ubiquitous. In a world increasingly filled with social media channels and platforms, it’s easy to forget about the root and OG of it all: Blogging. Despite being an oldie, blogging is still a goodie because good long-form content goes a long way, especially in establishing a robust foundation for your social media presence. And blogging isn’t just for hobbyists. In fact, industry blogging is a powerful tool, so consider taking your company blog to the next level with some quick tips.

Establish Expertise

Through sharing useful content on an industry blog, your business asserts itself as an industry expert. And the very fact that your business blog is hosted on your corporate website gives it infinitely more credibility over personal or third-party blogs. Don’t despair if your blog is a blank slate or even nonexistent: If you diligently and consistently populate blog content, you’ll have an archive (and hopefully, presence) in no time. Set a schedule and then honor it. That’s how you earn R-E-S-P-E-C-T in any forum.

Gain Respect

Blogs give you the opportunity to establish brand voice through content and design. All of these elements affect how customers perceive your brand presence, which makes blogging a unique forum for giving attracting new customers and retaining existing customers. But remember to keep it classy because Redditors are unforgiving and just about everyone is proficient in the modern art of screen capping and meme’ing — some of the internet’s most trusted tools for immortalizing every dumb and regrettable thing that’s seen the light of day on the internet. Blogs are public-facing, and there are no take-backsie’s on the internet; once it’s out there, even for a blip of a second, it’s out there forever.

Promote Services

There’s no better place to write about what you know than on your company’s blog. Whether you’re a Gutenberg superfan or are a straight BAWSS with a snowplow, this is your business’s chance to really shine. Write about the inherent need for your services and explain how your brand checks all the boxes. Be relatable. Know your customers’ needs and wants, and give them what they want. At heart, industry blogging is as simple as establishing a problem and serving up a solution.

Drive Traffic

SEO has evolved. It’s complicated, and it’s sophisticated. Gone are the days when blasé updates, hashtag dumps, and free-for-all keywords will get it done. You now need relevant content (text and images) to support SEO population across all devices. As in, you actually have to practice what you preach. Because faking it will only get you so far — and let’s face it, that’s not very far.  Of course, Google has figured out how to quantify and reward relevance, at least to some extent. It’s not a perfect algorithm, but it’s pretty damn good. What does this mean to you, the industry blogger?  It’s harder than ever to cut corners now, and it will only be harder to do so in the future.

Kindle (and Rekindle) Relationships

When it comes down to it, the more time and resources you spend on engaging with your customers, the more willing they are to take a chance on you. To say yes to a first date.  It’s an odds game: the more people that try your brand, the more they are likely to stick to your brand. Time spent well is money well earned.

Collect Insights

Knowing what your customers are looking at helps you know what’s working. Imagine all the insights you could gain just by knowing which blog posts people are viewing most. Now, imagine how many more insights you could harvest from sites like Facebook or Twitter. When it comes to social media, the industry blog may just the tip of the iceberg, but it’s still a great place to start.

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