What Every Adceteran Is Watching This New Year

While we are patiently awaiting the 2017 media viewing polls, Nielson has confirmed that our 2016 TV game was indeed strong. On the personal side, Americans clocked an average of five hours and four minutes a day. The online streaming trifecta everyone should refer to as “NAH” (Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu) combined with app-based services and gaming consoles has helped us consume more types of media we like the way we want. At Adcetera, we liked this customized TV concept — on Facebook and IRL — and we wanted in.

So, how does a company take traditional corporate communications and compete with the volume and pace of media that people see — and expect — during their off time? Through digital signage, of course. And we’re not talking about a PowerPoint presentation simply expanded to more break room monitors. Here at Adcetera, we continue to grow ATV (Adcetera TV), our informative, “always-on” displays that deliver timely, dynamic content for our employees and visiting clients. ATV takes the basic concept of digital welcome screens and, through HTML5 and JavaScript coding, adds a regional, customized twist. ATV displays a visually pleasing, integrated performance of CNN, Google Maps, localized weather service feeds, and news and traffic updates along with loops of eye-catching stills and videos of recent client work. Essentially, we’re making digital signage smart while adding ambiance.

An implementation partner for digital signage software provider, Navori Inc. (Wait isn’t that Link’s fairy friend from Zelda and/or those blue extraterrestrial humanoids from Avatar? Nope, you’re thinking of Navi and/or Na’vi, respectively), Adcetera’s Navori-certified developers and technicians built the entire ATV network using the Navori QL Content Manager digital signage platform. Navori allows for HTML5 content, and Adcetera makes the content editable. Together, Adcetera and Navori provide the only digital signage network that supports full editing using HTML5-based templates, and as a certified implementation partner and reseller of Navori digital signage networks, Adcetera is able to custom-build similar setups for all of our clients.

ATV is now airing 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on screens throughout our building. See below for the full schedule.

  • Adcetera news
  • CNN news
  • Houston-area traffic
  • Travel times to client offices
  • Current weather
  • Five-day weather forecast
  • Video content of client work
  • Image galleries of client work

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