Giving back

Adcetera staff volunteer at Houston Food Bank

Committed to our giving programs

At Adcetera, giving back to others is more than just a goal or vision; it’s part of who we are. To our shareholders, it is the most important work that we do. No matter how busy the days may get, we make time to volunteer as a company and give back to our local and global communities.


Time, treasure, and talent

Adcetera is comprised of people who are passionate about community, charity, and acts of service for a range of causes. We embrace causes we believe in and work directly with several charities each year by sharing our time, our treasure, and our talent.

This means going beyond making donations. We work on the ground and in our offices to assist people in their time of need or to help charities who improve and save lives because we know these charities ultimately teach and give more to us than we can possibly give to them.

We take our giving programs seriously and dedicate ourselves each year to select causes that just need a little help. If you know or represent a cause, please reach out and let us know!


Current Partners

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