Adcetera Digital Signage

Adcetera Digital Signage

Adcetera is a full-service strategic marketing and advertising firm located in Houston, TX. We have a dedicated team of Scala-certified technicians and developers to help you set up your entire digital signage solution. From hardware setup to template development to training users, our team can help your team get prepared.

Our Digital Signage Services include:

  • Content brainstorming and development of content plans
  • Wireframing of the UI and UX for passive and interactive touchscreen experiences
  • Creative design mockups
  • Basic Scala Designer template creation
  • Advanced coding for weather feeds, news feeds, stock feeds, and more
  • VB Script, Python, and ScalaScript coding for custom templates
  • Video production and 3D animation to create rich video experiences
  • Copywriting to develop engaging industry-related content
  • Hardware acquisition, setup, and installation
  • Content management and technical training
The Adcetera Couch

The Tufts that Dreams Are Made Of

We don’t know if it’s the size, the shape, or the clean blank slate it reminds us of, but this darn couch knows how to push our buttons. In a good way. It’s a truth serum, a muse, and a comfy place to kick up our heels and sit a spell.

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Adcetera is a 33-year-old strategic communications firm in Houston, Texas. Our nearly 100-member team of designers, writers, programmers, animators, strategists and account service people work like dogs to create memorable content for brands around the world. We work in the fields of advertising, branding, print and publishing; interactive, motion, video and animation; in-store merchandising, new product introduction, and experience and event marketing. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?! We work with some of the biggest brands in the world (AIG, BHP Billiton, DOW, HP and SYSCO) and some of the best brands that are in our backyard (Texas Children’s Hospital, Metal Depots, ZMIX, High Fashion Home and Memorial Hermann). Many of our relationships — with our employees and our clients — span decades. We are blessed and we are proud. Proud of the work that we do and the brands for whom we speak. If what is important to us is important to you, let’s start a conversation. Call us, text us or just drop by.